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This Tuesday morning in Palma representatives of the Comissió Balear de Medi Ambient (Balearic Environmental Commission) will meet to discuss the inclusion of Formentera in the directive that lays out aerial fumigations among other solutions to combat the spread of the pine processionary caterpillar. Staff of Formentera's...
Monday, 09 March 2015 | Read more
The Formentera Council's office of the environment has coordinated the removal, this Saturday, of two boats and a platform, all three abandoned at different points of Estany des Peix. One of the watercraft is completely under water and the other run aground on the Ses Bassetes side of the lake's perimeter. The highly-deteriorated and...
Friday, 27 February 2015 | Read more
The Formentera Council's office of the environment has completed remodel work on the Frank Jackson children's park in Sant Francesc Xavier. Construction at the park, which is located directly opposite the Marc Ferrer secondary school, had a price tag of €35,575. The work consisted primarily in the installation of new rubber flooring,...
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 | Read more
Increases to the rates of recyclable waste collection significantly surpassed increases in normal waste collection in 2014. The curve expressing paper, glass and plastic collection displayed sharper growth than the population curve itself, while increases in normal rubbish collection trailed below. Plastic recycling was the undisputed...
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 | Read more
In the coming week the Formentera Council will implement coastal and dune protection measures at La Boca de l'Estany – an area located at the eastern edge of l'Estany des Peix in the town of La Savina. This swath of land is currently employed for overflow parking, which in turn implies serious degradation to the immediate...
Friday, 23 January 2015 | Read more
This month of January 2015 marks one year since the implementation of an ordinance – ratified by the Formentera Council in July 2013 – that prohibits the distribution of plastic bags on the island. The measure has essentially already been in effect since 2009, when the campaign “Formentera, naturalment sense plàstic”...
Tuesday, 20 January 2015 | Read more
The Formentera Council has received notification that the courts have ruled in the public administration's favour with respect to the first two trials brought against the council regarding the 2013 public tendering of coastal lots. To be precise, the news relates to court sentences 370/2014, of 15 December, brought by Marcos Negrón, and...
Thursday, 08 January 2015 | Read more
This morning, Tuesday, in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council, councillor of the environment, Silvia Tur, together with Maria Yern, head of Aqualia's offices in Formentera, thanked residents for their patience and apologised for the “four service interruptions that took place in ten days.” Councillor Tur described the...
Tuesday, 09 December 2014 | Read more


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