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Formentera takes steps to designate drystone wall building techniques as protected heritage

parets panoràmica alfredo monteroFormentera's patrimony secretary, Susana Labrador, will take the floor before representatives at tomorrow's plenary assembly to unveil a proposal to give protected status to the traditional techniques used in building drystone walls.

Labrador's presentation will follow the announcement by Palma's directorate general of culture that it will seek inclusion of drystone wall building on the register of humanity's “intangible cultural heritage”.

The secretary added that Council officials planned to join a group drystone wall candidacy which links several of Spain's autonomous regions and is headed up by the central government's secretary of state for culture.

Labrador described Formentera's designation of the building techniques as intangible cultural heritage (or BIC, for bé d'interés cultural) as a “necessary first step if we want our campaign to be successful”.