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Municipal Exhibition Hall (Old Town Hall)

Interior showroom


Set in Plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc, the Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell" hosts exhibitions backed by Formentera's culture and education department and led by individual artists, collectives and cultural groups, local and far-flung.

In 2010, the Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell" celebrated ten years of continuous, regular programming encompassing paintings, sculptures, photography, architecture and craftwork. The space has also showcased displays from municipal workshops, group shows, and exhibitions with a more social function: whether advocating for the environment, culture, tradition, defence of land and of the Catalan language, or sponsored by groups who work in cooperation for development.

The Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell" has hosted displays from organisations and cultural foundations like Col·lectiu Antinea, Fundació Obra Social La Caixa, Obra social Sa
Nostra, Caixa de Balears, Obra social CAM, STEI-I Intersindical,
Institut Balear de la Dona, COAIB, Govern de les Illes Balears, Fundació Brossa, Es Baluard, AAVIF, AFA, GEN-GOB, OCBF, CFSM, Sa Raval
des Pa i Oli, Espai Dones, Fons Pitiús de Cooperació...

The Sala has welcomed a multitude of artists from Formentera and further afield, with particular preference for artists who draw inspiration from an admiration and respect for the island.

The Sala d'Exposicions is possible thanks to the individuals who worked in the past to build an image, a purpose and a sense of continuity for it, and to those who continue to collaborate with Formentera's culture department in the present to select and design programming.

The Sala d'Exposicions' regular yearly programming extends from January to December. Exhibition openings are typically Mondays at 8.00pm.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm. It is closed Monday mornings and Sundays. Opening hours may vary according to individual exhibitions. Admission is free.
Scheduled exhibitions

Technical specifications:
Room: 9.2m long x 4m wide x 3.7m tall
Side room: 5.6m long x 1.1 m wide x 3.7 tall
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Requests to use sala d'exposicions:
Citizen Information Office

Culture and Education Department of the Consell Insular de Formentera
tel. 971 32 12 75 · fax 971 32 12 76 · cultura@conselldeformentera.cat









The Municipal Exhibition Hall, located in the Plaza de la Constitution of Sant Francesc Xavier, is an area managed by the Consell Insular de Formentera intended to host exhibitions of artists, cultural groups and associations both locally and outside the island and is maintained by the area of Culture and Heritage.

This room in recent years has suffered a series of reforms to adapt it as an exhibition space.

In 2010 the Municipal Exhibition Hall turned 10 years of uninterrupted regular programming, which have exposed the following artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, architecture and craft shows, displays of local workshops, collective, committed an informative exhibition with the environment, culture, tradition, and territorial defense of the Catalan language, or institutions and agencies for development cooperation.

They have exhibited in the Old City cultural institutions and foundations such as the Collective Antinea, Obra Social Fundación La Caixa, social work Sa Nostra. Caja de Baleares, CAM Social Work, Inter-STEI-I, Institut Balear de la Dona, COAIB, Government of the Balearic Islands, the Foundation Brossa, is Baluard AAVIF, AFA, GEN-GOB, OCBF, CFSM, Raval des Pa i Oli, Espai Dones.

A large number of artitsts, residents and nonresidents, have participated at the EMS, where has dominated the admiration and respect for Formentera as a source of artistic inspiration.

We must remember that the Municipal Exhibition Hall has been made possible by those who once worked for giving it an image, use and continuity, and by those currently working with the department of Culture for the selection and scheduling settings.

The room offers a regular program year, January to December. The openings are usually on Mondays at 20.00 h.

Hours are Monday through Friday from 11 to 14 h, but may vary depending on exposure. Admission is free.
Scheduled Exhibitions

Measures of the room: 9.2 m long x 4 m wide x 3.7 m high
Store: 5.6 m long x 1.1 m wide x 3.7 m high
Download the hall plan

Application for the Exhibition Hall:
Arrange online
Form, click here

Arrange in person:
Deal in person at the OAC
Complete and to check in at the Consell Insular de Formentera.

Agreement with the Island Council:
The person requesting the room should sign a cooperation agreement with the Island Consell in which the Consell grants the use of the room and in return the artist gives for free to the Consell one of the exhibited works.

Department of Culture and Heritage of the Consell Insular de Formentera
tel. 971 32 December 1975 • Fax 971 32 12 76 ° cultura@formentera.es