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Population census

The Registration Office is the administrative record in which are the residents of a municipality. Their data provide proof of residence in the municipality and the usual residence in it. The certifications that their data will be issued a public document for all administrative purposes.
Anyone living in Spain is obliged to register with the municipality who habitually. Anyone living in different municipalities would register where I spent more time during the year.

Population census procedures
Registers / declines / change address / registration certificates and living / travel certificates.

Local Census sheet has to be completed and signed at the municipal office for all persons over eighteen years of age enrolled in the case of minors, signature of parents.
Documents required:
It must bring the original of the following documents:
- ID in place of the applicant and all household members over age, family book of minors. In case of foreign residence permit or passport.
- Document to prove the lawful occupation of the dwelling (deeds, leases, etc.), If applying for registration in an occupied dwelling, and provided there is no contractual relationship, must attach the authorization of the owner together with the DNI and any documents of the apartment above.

(Events of registration or a change in address of minors in general, minors living with one parent, minors living with a person other than parents: Check it in the standard unit).

The municipalities handled automatically high

Changes of address:
Citizens have an obligation to report address changes occurring within the municipality and the changes of personal data used to update both the census and the electoral roll. Instances we prepared to complete and sign.

Certificates of registration:
The certificates are documents that contains the signature of the Secretary and the approval of the President. Can request all persons registered in the Register of Inhabitants of Formentera.
- Original identity card, passport or residence permit holder.

Certificate of Travel:
Certificates of residence for purposes of discounts on travel between islands and from the islands to the rest of the country.