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Local photographers get their shot: Beni Trutmann registration open

beni trutman 40315This morning, the CiF's councillor of culture and local heritage, Sònia Cardona, together with staff specialist Anna Costa, announced details regarding participation in the upcoming XIII Beni Trutmann photography competition. Participants stand to qualify for three prizes in two different categories: black & white and colour and entries are accepted in both digital and traditional analog formats.

Sònia Cardona explained the goal behind this year's renewed call for contributions was “to continue the life-long work of Beni Trutmann and the competition: combine nature and cultural heritage in Formentera”.

Beni Trutmann – born in 1935 in Locarno, Switzerland – was a brilliant photographer who passed away on 28 April 2002 in Formentera. The photo festival that carries his name commemorates Trutmann's celebrated life by distributing awards to winning photographers every year on that same day. It was 1958 when Trutmann first arrived to our island's shores. He would go on to photograph it for 44 years, ultimately leaving behind a legacy of more than 30,000 photos.

Anyone interested in participating must submit entries – already developed – on photo paper at least 20cm wide and a maximum of 45cm tall. Submissions can be brought to the Citizen Information Office (la OAC) until 10 April.

Cardona noted that gains would be “double”, alluding to the cash prize that winners would walk away with as well as the exposition of their work at the event's accompanying exhibition. The jury will be composed of both industry professionals and representatives from GOB, the regional association of birdwatchers and Obra Cultura Balear, two groups with which Trutmann collaborated throughout his life.

Last year the festival received 118 submissions from 46 individuals, each allowed a maximum of 3 entries. Details concerning participation in the event can be found on the Formentera Council's website (www.CiF.cat)