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Palma's proposed authority transfer in tourism rejected for insufficient funding

alej ferrer061114The transfer of authority in tourism found a sole supporter this morning in Palma at the most recent meeting of the mixed transfer commission. Eivissa emerged from the talks as the only island to favour an immediate takeover on issues of tourism promotions.

Formentera and Menorca chose not to accept the Govern Balear's proposed action. The two islands of Mallorca and Eivissa voted “yes”, although Mallorca's vote rings decidedly hollow – that island's administration has already made clear that it does not intend to exercise these functions, instead asserting that it would support continued administration on matters of tourism by the Agència de Turisme de les Illes Balears (ATB).

Tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer attended the meeting in person and admitted she felt “let down by the Govern's choices throughout the process. I'm disappointed because up to the last we held out hope for a bit of flexibility, negotiation, a show of political will on their part that would have allowed us to seal a deal. Formentera wants this transfer to happen. But they haven't moved an inch.”

Alejandra Ferrer explained: “Formentera is perhaps the most singular of the Balearic Islands and the one that is most in need of getting out from under the ATB. [This is an agency that] is chiefly focused on promoting Mallorca. However, we had to act responsibly and wanted to avoid hastily accepting a raw deal. The funding in the Govern's proposal is unfair and inadequate. Not even Menorca – a political ally of the administration in Palma – could consent to it. Palma has let this project turn into a fiasco.”

Ferrer said that both Formentera's tourism advisory board (el Patronat de Turisme) and the FiC had made a concerted effort from the start – responding directly to specific portions of the proposed plan, making alternative proposals and moving to convene additional talks – and assured: “None of this means the transfer is a definite no go. Formentera will continue striving for a funding plan that is fair and would provide enough for self-sufficiency in tourism promotions.”


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