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Press Room Newspaper library Tourism With 20 new routes, Formentera's catalogue of bike trails goes from 55 to 130km

With 20 new routes, Formentera's catalogue of bike trails goes from 55 to 130km

bicicletes100714Recent additions to rutes verdes ('green trails'), a project of the FiC's office of transport, have brought the island's base of cyclable trails from 12 to 32 and the total number bike path kilometres from 55 to 130. This Saturday, transport councillor Alejandra Ferrer explained the goal of the project: “To establish an alternative network of trails, separate from the main highway, fit for both walkers and cyclists”.

In Ferrer's words, “Formentera has something that sets it apart from a great deal of other places: an extraordinary number of roads and trails that criss-cross the island and make transport on foot and by bike a safe and easy option. The main highway, with its cars and lorries, can be avoided altogether by pedestrians and cyclists”.

For Councillor Ferrer, the rutes verdes are “strategic” for an island like Formentera that is “striving for a sustainable brand of transport that jives with the image as a tranquil, naturally beautiful destination for tourists”. Besides making marketing sense, says Ferrer, the cyclable trails promote sport and good health, reduce harmful emissions and help local residents cut spending. The logic, she notes, is simple: “Every trip by bicycle is one less trip in the car”.

The entirety of the rutes verdes having recently joined local homes and monuments on Formentera's list of GPS-trackable locations, the coming days will see informational material placed at tourist info spots and made available on the web. Officials expect the signage phase of the project to be complete before the start of the 2015 summer season. Councillor Ferrer promises the green trail signs will “strike a balance between informative and concise”, shying away from “emblazoning the island with brassy signs that disrupt Formentera's natural beauty”.


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