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Es Cap road works improve traffic safety, eliminate 73 utility poles

carretera escap2This morning, the Formentera Council announced the end of work along the Es Cap highway. The 1,778,242-euro project was included in the conveni de carreteres accord signed in 2009 between the Council and the national Ministry of Development.

The improvements affected 2.2km of roadway between the Can Ramon roundabout in Sant Francesc and the Cala Saona turnoff.

The primary change, a widening of the thoroughfare from six to eight metres, brought each of the highway's two lanes to 3.2 metres and bestowed each with a shoulder of 0.8 metres. Additional work included smoothing imperfections in the road surface, improving rain water drainage, implementing speed control measures and changes traffic signage.

A key part of the project was the burial of utility cables that cut through the area. Fifty-five telephone poles belonging to the Telefónica company were placed underground, putting approximately 2.7km of telephone cable out of sight. The vision of eighteen utility poles carrying 0.8km of electric cables, long an unsightly fixture on the Es Cap thoroughfare, became a thing of the past as well.

Jaume Ferrer affirmed that the goal of the Es Cap road work was above all a question of safety, while noting that the elimination of 73 utility poles and the accompanying electric cable would have a positive aesthetic effect as well. The FiC president also commented on the absence of bike lanes along the highway, assuring that the changes would be the perfect opportunity to “take advantage of the fantastic network of bike trails across the island”.


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