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Council and PIMEF incorporate entrepreneurial counsel into accord

conveni pimeThis morning at the Formentera Council representatives met to put their signatures on an extension of a deal between the CiF (Consell Insular de Formentera) and the Petita i Mitjana Empresa – small and medium-sized business – association of Formentera (PIMEF). The pact pledges €15,000 in funding both for the creation of professional training opportunities for Formentera's workers and tradesmen and business counsel for things like start-up companies, workplace risks and unlawful practice of professional activities.

On hand at the morning's signing were CiF president Jaume Ferrer, trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer and PIMEF president Joan Costa Cardona.

Jaume Ferrer attested: “One of the many needs of a company is to innovate in their management and training. The goal being to be just as -if not more- competitive than businesses in other tourist destinations, places that haven't got the same problems of access as Formentera has.”

The Council president stated: “It's for this reason the renewal of this accord was so important. Our goal is to see quality training programmes available to our island's business owners and workers”.

For his part, Joan Costa of the PIMEF asserted he was “happy to be signing this pact. This is a long-running accord that is contributing to improvements in local trade that we can all be proud of”.

Councillor of tourism Alejandra Ferrer closed the presentation highlighting the changes inherent in this year's accord. “It keeps professional training up front, and brings in trade counsel for business start-ups and occupational risk prevention. It also creates a channel for local business owners to report cases of unlawful practise of a profession”.

Formentera 2.0

Councillor Ferrer reminded those in the crowd, “this accord is no isolated event”. As the councillor related, “the Council is behind a string of other measures that are extremely important for the island. Formentera 2.0, for example, is a programme for tradesmen who might not otherwise use social media or the Internet for their business, and who don't have the possibility of contracting a community manager or specialty company”. The training course is scheduled to take place here on Formentera at the end of this week, 7-10 May.