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Media Newspaper library Presidency Amidst change in govt, permit approval for group tours to national park “an indignity”

Amidst change in govt, permit approval for group tours to national park “an indignity”

LaSavina excursionsSpeaking on behalf of the Formentera Council, administration president Jaume Ferrer branded as “an indignity” the recent decision handed down by the Balearic coastal authority (Demarcació de Costes) and ratified by the outgoing administration of the Govern Balear and the regional maritime authority (Capitania Marítima) to issue three permits for the 2015-2018 period for daily group tours departing from Eivissa with arrival at es Torrent de s'Alga, es Pujols and es Cavall de'n Borràs.

For Ferrer, “the sole point of arrivals on Formentera must be la Savina”. In the eyes of the CiF president, granting authorisation for the disembarkations within the limits of the National Park “is a decision that will hurt Formentera and serve up our beaches on a silver platter for Eivissa special interests”. Jaume Ferrer called the action “a cowardly move” because it was announced just days before the current Govern Balear executive authority is to leave office.

Ferrer cited a gathering held last year between the island council presidents and Govern Balear president José Ramon Bauzá at the Consolat de Mar in Palma, 24 November, that served to produce a gentleman's pact whereby the Palma government pledged to “respect the decision-making of each island on issues that impact the local territory”. The CiF president affirmed: “Bauzá and the PP have been incapable of respecting their word”.

An extremely-disappointed Ferrer rued the fact that “in recent days, members of the Partido Popular have been incapable of receiving or returning our phone calls to answer questions about the drainage spill that originated from the water treatment plant – a facility operated by the Govern. And now out of nowhere, they have pulled this decision out of their magic hat, which runs in the face of several Formentera Council-produced reports and the unanimous decision of the CiF plenary, which included votes from the PP”.

Jaume Ferrer indicated his hope that “the new administration of the Govern has the authority to revoke the current decision, which otherwise would further strain a zone that is already buckling under the weight of high numbers of visitors and watercraft”. The president added that “Formentera's model of tourism is oriented towards environmental preservation and promoting tranquility and this decision runs counter to that model”.


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