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New poster campaign rehashing local lexicon of dance, song and music

cartell paraulesOn the occasion of the decision to honour Formentera's collective of dancers, singers and instrumentalists with the 2015 Medalla d'Or (gold medal), the Formentera Council's office of heritage and linguistic assessment service have joined forces with the island's Chamber of Commerce and small and medium-sized business assocation (PIMEF) to head an important new campaign. The CiF councillor of Education, Culture and Patrimony, Susana Labrador, described the basis of the campaign: “To design and print a total of 12 posters, to be handed out across local businesses and other establishments, with words—and their corresponding definitions—related to the world of dance, song and music in the Pitiüsa Islands”.

“The words chosen to emblazon the posters are (from dance): a la llarga, a la curta and camallada; (from song) mot, cançó, cobla and redoblada; and (from local instrumentalists) flaüta, espasí, brunyidor, castanyola and sonada,” explained the councillor.

Labrador defined the two-part goal of the campaign: “To help disseminate even just a small sampling of the folkloric lexicon of the Pitiüses,” while at the same time “encouraging the local population to take part in rendering homage to the island's collective of dancers (balladors), instrumentalists (sonadors) and singers (cantadors)”.


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