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Getting word out on new island ordinance that targets active advertising

At nightlife establishments across Es Pujols, the Formentera Council office of tourism is kicking off a campaign to raise awareness about a municipal ordinance on the island that takes aim what has been dubbed 'active advertising' (publicitat dinàmica). Councillor and tourism office head Alejandra Ferrer hopes, with the informational campaign, to respond to the “growing number of complaints [the administration receives] related to the increasingly popular practise of hawking pre-sale tickets and conducting active advertising, whether without a permit in urban areas or in port areas”.

Meetings within the sector

In recent days, Ferrer has met with representatives from the nightlife sector to explain firsthand the implications of the ordinance—and has been satisfied with the response: “What we've seen so far is a willingness to take care of something that people see as running counter to the image of Formentera we put forth to tourists”. In Ferrer's words, the local office of tourism wants “visitors to be free to choose the establishment they wish to patronise”, highlighting the danger of such advertising “given what our tourists have come looking for is tranquility”.

Informational report

At every nightlife establishment, the office of tourism has distributed a document reminding business owners of what is prohibited under the active advertising ordinance: The practice of such advertising without the corresponding permits; the use of audiovisual equipment or vehicles equipped with advertising elements; to complement other hand-distributed bills, affixing or otherwise attaching objects of any kind, configuration or structure on public thoroughfares or public places; obstructing the passage of pedestrians or otherwise addressing pedestrians; the sale or pre-sale of tickets or similar material and vociferating information related to the advertised activity. The document also notes the ordinance's prohibition of throwing promotional material and the dissemination of promotional messages by any audiovisual means not allowed by existing laws.

Bulking up inspections

Alejandra Ferrer announced that additional features would be added to the inspections plan, giving inspectors the power to penalise offenders of the ordinance. The councillor noted, “police presence in Es Pujols will increase beginning today”. Between 2013 and 2014 there were 150 reports filed of active advertising. Offences that fall within the scope of the ordinance will be penalised as follows: (minor infractions) fine of up to 150.25 euros; (serious infraction) fine from 150.26 to 6,010.12 euros; (very serious infraction) fine from 6,010.12 to 30,050.60 euros.

Likewise, in terms of additional corrective measures, the ordinance authorises the cautionary and temporary closing of the offending club, dancehall or activity, whether the offender was the business owner or employed by the business in question.


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