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Councillors attend first regular plenary of legislative session

anajuantorresEarlier today members of the island's different political parties gathered in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council for the first regular plenary session of the legislative session. With support from the governing parties and counter votes from the opposition, the administration succeeded in passing a conciliatory proposition urging the Govern Balear to prompt action from Madrid necessary to modifying current legislation and allowing a lowering of the CiF's current number of councillors from 17 to 13. The plenary session also ended in a rejection of a similar proposition (by Partido Popular) which recommended creating a panel that would serve to reduce the current number of councillors-elect.

The session brought unanimous approval for a proposition by the socialist party (PSOE) to streamline the administration of complaints received by residents. The councillor of infrastructure and transport, Rafael González, noting improved communication with residents is a top priority for the administration, signalled his approval of the measure.

Another PSOE initiative that received unanimous approval was a proposal to request an increased number of on-the-job inspections that are conducted on the island. On that subject, councillor of territory and tourism Alejandra Ferrer noted that such a petition, which placed particular emphasis on nighttime employment, had already been sent to the Direcció General de Treball (Directorate General for Employment) to “positive response”.

A proposition by the Partido Popular was unanimously approved that spoke of the necessity of putting into action an outreach campaign to raise wildfire risk awareness.

Also worthy of mention from the day's plenary session was the assumption by socialist Ana Juan Torres of her position has councillor-elect.


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