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Press Room Newspaper library Presidency With heightened wildfire risk, CiF gets behind campaign to raise awareness

With heightened wildfire risk, CiF gets behind campaign to raise awareness

incendisIn the coming days, the Formentera Council's office of the presidential cabinet (l'àrea de Presidència) will distribute two thousand decals to be affixed on local rental cars, one thousand brochures to Formentera hotel owners and tradesmen and forty-some posters for placement at strategic locations across the island. The goal, explained councillor of the presidential cabinet Bartomeu Escandell, is to “raise awareness among tourists and residents about the threat wildfires pose to a place as fragile as Formentera”.

In so doing, Formentera jumps head-on into a wildfire awareness campaign which, after an initial launch at summer's start by the Govern Balear, was picked up and championed by the town council of Sant Joan. This year “the risk of fire is still high”, the councillor asserted. Environmental councillor Daisee Aguilera, whose office has also signed on to the campaign, described it as “meant to give some basic tips on how to avoid forest fires”. The recommendations range from “not dumping readily flammable waste, refraining from starting any fires during high-risk seasons and exercising extra caution in at-risk areas” to just “knowing the steps to take should a wildfire occur”. The campaign fulfils the recommendations set by an accord which was ratified in the July plenary session of the Formentera Council.

Invaluable work of Formentera fire brigade

Escandell highlighted the important work of Formentera firefighters, who this year alone have completed 92 missions, 21 of which included wildfires. “From the start of the 2015 season (1 May) up to today's date, the fire brigade has participated in the extinction of 17 small fires”, a fact that Councillor Escandell said proved “we are traversing a period of extreme vulnerability. We need to step up all precautions”. The councillor expressed his gratitude for the work of IBANAT (Institut Balear de la Natura) staff, civil protection services, local police and the Guárdia Civil, among other offices.


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