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Press Room Newspaper library Culture and Historical heritage Now on at municipal gallery in Sant Francesc: La isla

Now on at municipal gallery in Sant Francesc: La isla

la isla expoCurtains came up yesterday on a series of watercolours called La isla, culled from an illustrated book by its painter-author Julie Aubrun. Formentera—the artist notes—is recognisable throughout the book, though never explicitly mentioned. Aubrun describes the story as somewhere in between mythology and legend, saying it “speaks about the life cycle of objects that exist, disappear and then start over”.

Aubrun, who lives in Barcelona, took a winter trip to Formentera four years ago and confesses to remaining captivated ever since, continuing to draw on inspiration from the minor Pitiüsa islet. The La isla exhibit can be seen at the Old Town Hall (l'Ajuntament Vell) in Sant Francesc through 12 September. Doors of the municipal gallery (la sala d'exposicions) are open from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 2 pm and 6 to 8 pm.


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