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Media Newspaper library Culture and Historical heritage Looking to keep learning this autumn? Workshops and courses propose quality instruction and serious fun

Looking to keep learning this autumn? Workshops and courses propose quality instruction and serious fun

cursos tardor-hivernToday, the Formentera Council's offices of culture, patrimony and trade have announced their autumn and winter catalogue of courses in continuing education, a selection that comprises an array of workshops and classes for both adults and children. Alejandra Ferrer, the CiF councillor of tourism and trade, enumerated the different courses —from traditional pottery to embroidery, punto canario and crochet— which are put on by her office. She revealed the objective of the courses is to “share knowledge about the craft work that has a long, important history on our island and to keep these traditions alive”. For her part, education and culture councillor Susana Labrador pointed out: “We have tried to remain true to the idea of coordinating —especially for adults— a diverse selection of classes. Our task is to meet the local population's demands for continued learning throughout the winter months”.

Language courses and classes in art and creation
As in years past, the Council's cultural arm (l'àrea de Cultura) has put its resources into supporting language education in Catalan, Italian and English. There is also —as Councillor Labrador noted— a yoga course, a workshop on radio production and a host of different arts and crafts workshops (think painting and wood-carving) to be found in the cultural section of the course calendar. A workshop on design and dressmaking is new on the autumn-winter catalogue, and as designer —and instructor— Eva Cardona indicated, “the classes will give students an idea of the most commonly found tools in the profession and serve to recycle clothing”.

Traditional craft workshops
Something old and something new, the office of patrimony is once again behind a workshop to take students through the creation of canvas espardenyes, and —as office staff member Jaume Escandell pointed out— the office has also organised a brand-new class on traditional fishing tackle.

Espai Frumentària
Among the selection of courses and workshops put on by Espai Frumentària, one is new this year — music and motion for four- and five-year-olds. As Vicent Ferrer —one of the group's members— explained, Espai will also return with courses in creative writing and theatre.

Pre-enrolment begins today, staff worker Verònica Arenas explained, and although some courses (music and movement and Catalan) begin in October, the majority start in November and an even smaller portion —the English and Italian classes— don't get under way till January. Arenas closed the day's press conference with all the remaining essentials: “For more info, anyone interested can visit the office of culture and patrimony, while pre-enrolment takes place in the Formentera Citizen Information Office (OAC) from nine am to two pm”.


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