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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing & Hunting Farmers' cooperative undertakes fig tree trimming

Farmers' cooperative undertakes fig tree trimming

Poda Figueres x Eva Parey 001From February and through the end of March, the Formentera farmers' cooperative, la Cooperativa del Camp, is overseeing restorative pruning on fig trees located on land donated as part of the group's farmland reserve project, Cens de Terres. The goal, says Carlos Marí, head of the cooperative, is to “restore these trees —a quintessential figure of local tradition— to their optimal state and market their fruit this summer”.

Over the last two months Cooperativa members have pruned or propped up the limbs of 89 trees. According to Marí, that number is expected to reach 129 by the time cooperative members finish, “allowing the farmers' cooperative to carry out its first commercial fig harvest”.

As councillor of rural affairs Bartomeu Escandell noted, such pruning is just one part of the rural restoration work established by the joint action partnership between the Formentera Council and the farmers' cooperative. At present more than 140 hectares have been entrusted to the Cooperativa for use in its farmland reserve programme. Said Marí, “many of our donated parcels had been left derelict for many years, so the restorative work will likely be lengthy”.