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This area is responsible for:

- Provide information on the location, description and content of the cadastre in general (with the limits of the laws that protect personal data).

- Processing files:
a) Alteration of ownership and changes in the share of real estate (Model 901N)
b) New construction, expansion, renovation or rehabilitation of real estate (Model 902N)
c) Aggregation, grouping, segregation or division of property (Model 903N)
d) shifting cultivation or use, change of use or demolition or demolition of real property (Model 904N)
e) Application of co-owners (Cadastral Application Form)

You can access (and download) the declaration models of altered cadastral cadastre web http://www.catastro.meh.es
Error correction process: providing documents certifying the change requested.

- Apply bug fixes: providing documents certifying the change requested.

Documents to download:
- Models 901N, 902N, 903N, 904N i Solicitud Cadastral
- Modelos 901N, 902N, 903N, 904N y Solicitud Catastral

The Consell Insular de Formentera has a Cadastral Information Point (CIP), located on the premises of the Consistory (Land Office), in the Plaza de la Constitución, 1 de Sant Francesc Xavier. Thanks to this new service, citizens can access the consultation and certification of cadastral information, avoiding travel to the offices of the Cadastre.
PIC will enable access to the National Database of Cadastre, and therefore all properties of the national territory (except Basque Country and Navarra), without further condition to be legitimized and fill out an application request.

[From August 25 until September 20] Internet
Since August 25, the owners of about 7,400 properties located in the municipality of Formentera, which develops a cadastral assessment procedure may be obtained via the Internet electronic notification of new cadastral values ​​that will be effective from from 1 January 2013.
This service is available until 20 setembre.Per access the notification must identify the user ID with signature or mail from any computer with Internet access, or use the password for connections mail to each of the owners of property located in the cadastral municipality of Formentera.

Once we receive the letter with the password to access the procedure that the user must follow to meet the assessed value of your property is updated and is summarized in four simple steps:
1. Access to Electronic Cadastre from any computer connected to the Internet by typing: http://www.sedecatastro.gob.es/
2. Once the e-Cadastre you select the "Notifications of new cadastral values."
3. By entering this link will open a screen where the user must enter the password access, which shall have been previously notified by letter by the Land Registry without prior request. Can also be obtained using other commonly recognized electronic signature systems, including electronic ID.
4. Once identified, the user can download all the information you need, and save the assignment under the new assessed value established by the property, once accepted acknowledgment of receipt mail.

If there is no signature or electronic communication has reached the password, or lost, citizens can go to Formentera Island Council offices or the offices of the Cadastre Management in Balearic Islands , which will facilitate notification. Citizens who do not have Internet access can also get electronic notification by writing, preferably with a letter notifying them that their personal password for access to the offices of the Consell Insular de Formentera offices Management of the Cadastre in the Balearic Islands or any of Cadastral Information Points (ICP) opened in different administrations, which were provided free access to the e-Cadastre.

For more information:
BAN the Cadastre 2012
Cadastre: 902 37 36 35
Formentera Island Council offices: C. Ramon Llull, no. 6

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