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Areas Social action Education A first: free year-long tutoring for struggling pupils

A first: free year-long tutoring for struggling pupils

foto taller reforcAccording to an announcement from the Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare, tomorrow marks the start of the enrolment period in free tutoring for year five and six primary school pupils. Office chair Vanessa Parellada portrayed the academic assistance as "geared toward students with learning difficulties and at perennial risk of falling behind, with a particular focus on pupils who are struggling with academic integration and deficiencies in language and maths.”

This year is the first time the tutoring will run the entire academic year, from September 26 to the end of the course, and will be free. The classes, which cost the Council 13,000 euros, have benefitted 112 students over the last five years. Parellada credited the decision to continue the initiative with the positive feedback it has customarily received.

It is expected that some twenty students will attend the Monday-Friday, afternoon tutoring sessions, for which an exact timetable has yet to be set. The schools must help the contracted instructor, Maribel Jiménez, select which pupils will require the extra help. Parents of interested students have from September 15 to 22 to hand in enrolment applications at the Office of Social Welfare.

The tutoring will centre on boosting pupils' scholastic abilities using motivation-based tactics and by favouring a daily-work ethic. The students' school work will serve as a yardstick for additional help in English, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, environmental studies and maths. Furthermore, since learning will be organised in group sessions, social integration and teamwork will also be promoted.

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