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Summer school

Summer School

L'Escola d'Estiu (“the summer school”) is a service that proposes a programme of play-based activities for boys and girls aged three to twelve. It is held at the public schools of the island: at Col·legi Públic Mestre Lluís Andreu in Sant Francesc, Col·legi Públic de Sant Ferran and Col·legi Públic del Pilar de la Mola.
The summer school programme strives to attain the following objectives:

-Serve as a social and educational resource for young children in summer, proposing alternatives to other leisure activities.

-Simplify the task for parents trying to reconcile work schedules and childcare, offering a suitable resource for part of the work day.

-Reanimate the current offering, whether association-based and publicly-funded, of year-long recreational and leisure activities for young children.

-Stimulate the creative and imaginative growth of participating children.

-Stress values like solidarity, friendship, responsibility, trust, respect toward others, etc.

-Promote activities that are respectful of our local habitat.

-Discover different world cultures through play.

Another part of the service, L'Escola d'Estiu Matinera provides an early-start option with more flexibility for working mothers and fathers. This option allows parents to reconcile their own work schedules with the time table of the summer school. Monday through Friday, from eight to nine a.m., parents can bring their children―as long as they are current programme participants―to the centre.

Activities at L'Escola d'Estiu will always be supervised by a number of educators appropriate to the size of the group; at least one day counsellor or youth worker must be present for every ten children.

Just because L'Escola d'Estiu is intended as a leisure activity doesn't make it any less educational. Play, as an educational and learning tool, is given a position of vital importance. An intrinsic part of the very culture of growing individuals, play is fundamental for a child's physical, intellectual and social growth.

Common themes link different activities and units of study; activities are designed to be carried out either in large groups ('gimcanes') or small workshops.

Complementary activities such as trips to the beach (Cavall den Borràs) and Can Marroig (where a series of rotating workshops propose jewellery-making, facepainting, salt dough, murals and temporary tattoos). Another optional and complementary activity: swimming courses are proposed several times a week

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