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Centre Artesà Antoni Tur "Gabrielet"

Artisan Center of Formentera Antoni Tur "Gabrielet"

 Working esparto

The lack of expertise with respect to trades was one of the salient features of traditional society formenterera. The tendency to a nearly self-sufficient way of life established in the nineteenth century contributed significantly to the fact that people dominate, with varying degrees of skill, a wide range of craft techniques for the manufacture of tools, objects and clothing necessary for survival.

Activities such as working for the development of esparto senalla, bars, planters, awnings, truck or soles espardenyes, the use of flax, hemp and wool face fabric production, making itself different clothes clothing, etc. Are just some examples of the many skills that, until the first third of the twentieth century were developed regularly and extensively on any of the houses of Formentera.

With the radical changes experienced on the island from the second half of the twentieth century, most of these tasks are no longer needed and its use is greatly diminished until, in some cases, disappear entirely.

Through the Artisan Center of Formentera future is to make a commitment to publicize and disseminate some of these trades that were so essential in the past. Given that the format heritage is both tangible and intangible assets, the body of knowledge that involve these traditional techniques of the past is an exceptional wealth that needs to be retained and preserved.

The approach of the Artisan Center of Formentera, but not only provides for the recovery of ancient crafts, but the activity of artisans currently active on the island will weigh very important. In this way it is intended that the center can be an open door to discover and access the products and creations of artisans who have workshop on the island of Formentera.

Finally we should mention the role of the Advisory Craft Commission of Formentera as an advisory body's advice and Formentera Island Council in crafts that you must develop an important role in establishing baselines and performance management Artisan Center of Formentera.