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Areas Social action Sports In bid to stamp out cystic fibrosis, islanders start paddling

In bid to stamp out cystic fibrosis, islanders start paddling

volta-a-formentera-nedant-cont1From Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1 and with backing from the Formentera Council, the island will host its nineteenth Swim Round Formentera to End Cystic Fibrosis. Over the years the event has become a something of a local fixture, stirring swimmers, experts and amateurs to come together to support sufferers of the illness.

The “Volta a Formentera nedant contra la Fibrosis Quística”—or simply “la Volta”—is a non-competitive event aimed at not only pushing cystic fibrosis and symptoms of the disease into the public consciousness, but also raising money for related outreach. The fact that swimming and physiotherapy help many children improve respiratory capacity was among the factors pushing Fundación Respiralia and the Balearic Islands Cystic Fibrosis Association to develop the initiative.

Organisers say they expect 240 participants and roughly fifty volunteers from around the world. Over three days, they will circumnavigate the island, covering some 30 kilometres in distinct legs of 1.8 to 3.6K long. When one leg is completed, swimmers will be picked up by a boat, briefly resting as they are shuttled to the next starting point, with as many stages as sea conditions, water currents and jellyfish allow.

“La Volta” is a chance to build community, a three-day affair during which participants unite in the struggle to end cystic fibrosis.


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