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Areas Social action Sports Progress report: Formentera's municipal sport schools

Progress report: Formentera's municipal sport schools

nens-escola-de-vela-2017The Formentera Council's office of sport seized the opportunity today to take stock of the island's network of municipal sport schools. The sustainable model of management in place is configured to allow for continued growth in enrolment, centres, programmes and coordination with the diverse sport clubs of the island.

New structure
The system relies on alignment between a directing manager and an administration encompassing coordinators of distinct sport clubs and schools. The latter, in turn, are responsible for overseeing the efforts of staff, trainers and monitors at each school. Periodic meetings take place to evaluate the schools' performance, analyse incidents and explore emerging needs.

Schools and students
Municipal sport schools made their début during the 2015/2016 school year with Formentera's official “Municipal Athletics School”, or EMAF, which boasted an initial enrolment of fifty pupils. The following summer saw a newly created school for tennis (EMTF) bring the total number of participants to 116. When in 2017/2018 an archery school (EMTIF) and sailing school (EMVF) were added to the list (the latter offering two hundred summertime courses), the total number of participants grew to 143.

The schools' administrative teams forecast enrolment to hit nearly four hundred in 2018/2019, not to mention the fifty additional courses that sailing school staff expect to offer as well. The Council's ongoing partnerships with local groups and sport clubs with educational centres are part and parcel of the administration's attempt to assist in the schools' operations and in their ability to take on specialised staff.

Municipal football school
Asked about forward growth in the municipal schools and the courses they offer, secretary of fitness Jordi Vidal pointed out that, as far as sport is concerned, football remains Formentera's favourite. According to Vidal, the island's club, SD Formentera, has fourteen teams of under 16-year-olds signed up to compete. As the secretary put it, “we understand the inherent difficulty of managing such a large structure, and we're looking at ways to help”. Vidal noted that in the Council's effort to promote the practice and learning of football in recent years, the administration has kept a pact whereby SD Formentera not only uses, but also agrees to maintain, the island's football facilities. The secretary touted his willingness to reach an agreement with the club to guarantee the continued progress of local football.


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