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Areas General Services Presidency Jaume Ferrer applauds efforts of Govern and community leaders to cap inbound vehicles

Jaume Ferrer applauds efforts of Govern and community leaders to cap inbound vehicles

foto consell govern 2018 1This morning Formentera was the scene of a meeting of the Consell de Govern, or “Council of Government”, which ended in approval for a draft bill key to the island's environmental and economic stability.

After the gathering Formentera Council chief Jaume Ferrer hailed the Council of Government's decision to back legislation which, if it receives the go-ahead of the Balearic parliament, would regulate incoming vehicles on the island.

“Now political forces in the Parlament must debate the measure and decide what its entry in force will look like”, said Ferrer, who said he was confident the initiative would ultimately score definitive approval. “This law will give Formentera a say about how many vehicles can circulate on the island”, he said, and called the support already secured “very encouraging”, confiding: “What we've seen today is that the Balearic Islands support our initiative to retain control of our own land”.

At a gathering last year of the first ministers, or presidents, who represent the distinct islands in the Balearic archipelago, Ferrer said individual islands should have more clout when decision being made directly impact them specifically.

At a 2014 meeting of the Consell d'Entitats, a council of representatives from the local community, Formentera residents identified a preponderance of vehicles as a threat to the island's model of existence and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Ferrer, who celebrated the fact that “today our two pleas have been heard simultaneously”, also thanked regional first minister Francina Armengol and the rest of Formentera's neighbours in the Balearics for the hand they played in the process.

Lastly, addressing the people of Formentera at large, Ferrer said “when the requests are fair, well-reasoned and people are willing to roll up their sleeves, work together and get their hands dirty, we get results”.

Sa Senieta

The Formentera chief sat down with Fanny Tur, the minister of culture, participation and sport in the Balearics, to sign an agreement whereby the Council, as the title holder of the property, grants the regional agency use rights for Sa Senieta at no charge. The Palma department pledges in turn to oversee restoration and upgrades to equip the facility with an exhibition space for the future Formentera museum.

Today's agreement was preceded by the Council of Government's green-lighting of €500,000 in financing for the building's purchase.


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