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Areas Social action Social Welfare Formentera welcomes pioneering day-long summit on disabilities

Formentera welcomes pioneering day-long summit on disabilities

foto discapacitatsThe Formentera Council's social welfare office reports the first Jornades sobre Discapacitat took place Wednesday on the island and saw representatives of groups like APNEEF, APMIPTEA and APIES taking stock of their Formentera-based efforts, as well as others from the DISCARED federation praise interconnectivity between organisations and government agencies.

APNEEF's emissaries spoke about SEDIAP, a programme, backed by the Balearic social services bureau and now under development with the Formentera Council, to provide early care services in the Pityusics. The programme has been responsible for key hand-offs of properties, like for a local nursery, Formentera's dependent care facility and the Antoni Blanc fitness centre.

APMIPTEA associates opened up about the FORMATEA programme, which receives support from the region's general directorate for sports and youth and is included in the Formentera Council's vision plan for encouraging sport, builds on collaboration with fitness trainers, athletes and families in training and awareness efforts to achieve full integration for children and youth with special needs.

APIES members drew attention to the efforts the group oversees to integrate children with special needs academically and socially.

Following the presentations, a round-table discussion aimed not only to offer a picture of the present situation for people on Formentera with disabilities and some of the age-related challenges ahead, but also to educate people on how to make use of the resources already available. Panelists stressed the role of networking and the importance of strong government support.

In addition to APNEEF, APMIPTEA, APIES, the day's participants hailed from IES Marc Ferrer, the local youth drop-in centre, the department of health and other local groups like Fibromiàlgia and the Formentera chapter of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC).

The gatherings are part of Formentera's programming in support of International Day for Persons with Disabilities on Monday December 3.




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