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Areas Social action Youth Nautical sports centre and skate park hold spotlight as youth gather for plenary assembly

Nautical sports centre and skate park hold spotlight as youth gather for plenary assembly

foto 2018 consell joventut 4The Formentera Council's Sala de Plens played host today to the plenary assembly of the local youth participatory council (Consell de Participació de la Infànicia i la Joventut). CiF chairman Jaume Ferrer welcomed the pupils of three public schools who make up the council, and introduced them to members of the administration also in attendance.

Immediately afterwards, participants saw a UNICEF video of highlights from the sixth edition of the Balearic Islands Parlament Infantil programme and containing an overview of the environmental proposals that, in 2017, responded to the question: “What kind of world do we want to live in? Looking ahead to the Agenda 2030”. Children also saw a snippet of video showing Formentera's representatives at this year's session as they shared ideas about eradicating violence. After the video, members of the Formentera's representatives at Parlament gave their comrades a report of their experiences.

Next on the agenda was an evaluation by children in the youth council of the senior CiF secretaries' handling of the issues raised at past plenary assemblies—both improvements already executed or those awaiting completion.

To that extent, infrastructure and mobility secretary Rafa González gave a presentation about the current outlook for a project to build a skate park.

González gave a detailed picture, images included, of assorted nooks in the planned park, like distinct areas for skateboarders and rollerbladers and a special exercise equipment space especially for senior citizens. He spoke about the permit process anticipating actual the actual build and responded to clarifying questions from the assembly. He also teased a tentative start date for the four-month works project: after summer.

Next up, sports secretary Jordi Vidal gave updates on the currently under-construction Nautical Sports Centre and shared images of the range of spaces the Centre comprises. Vidal, for his part, alluded to the possibility the facility would be open as early as the start of 2019. Assembly members put questions to Vidal once his presentation was through.

Then came a turn for general questions, which were fielded alternately by senior CiF secretaries and chairman Ferrer.

At that point, youngsters posed pointed questions about the eco punt recycling bins, including a reflection on whether or not it was necessary to reward recycling with points.

The second biannual assembly of Formentera's Consell de Participació de la Infànicia i la Joventut also featured questions about the timeline for completion of the new Sant Ferran school, animal cruelty (abandoned dogs), capping the number of incoming vehicles on the island, concerns about the large number of watercraft which moor on Formentera's coast and the importance of keeping beaches clean.


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