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Money for renewable energy, charging stations and electric vehicles

cartell-energies-renovables1The Formentera Council environment department reports that tomorrow, Tuesday February 5 at 7.00pm in the hall of ceremonies of the administration, the Sala d'Actes, where Balearic director general of energy Ferran Rosa will outline the new run of help for solar, photovoltaic and small-scale wind turbine technologies and e-mobility.

Environment councillor Daisee Aguilera will be on hand too, doubling down on the “local renewable energies push”. She speaks about the need to “reduce energy consumption across the power grid and with private generators and cut CO2 emissions”.

Aguilera is encouraging people from the local business community and islanders off all stripes to come out. “Assistance is available for people installing clean energies at home”, she said, “or purchasing an increasingly competitive vehicle”.  Another round of assistance exists to set up private-use charging stations.

Applications for the following assistance are open to islanders, non-profits, small and medium-sized businesses:
1) Financial help to instal solar panels and small-scale wind turbines for use by individuals and businesses

2) Purchases by taxi and ride-hailing service drivers of new vehicles harnessing special electric, plug-in hybrid electric, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) or reduced emission technologies

3) Installation of public fast charging stations for electric vehicles (group packages)

4) Installation of public fast (and “semi” fast) charging stations for electric vehicles (for individuals)

5) Installation of private charging stations

Originally scheduled for Thursday January 24, the chat was suspended due to troubles in ferry connections prevented Rosa's arrival on the island.


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