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Areas Social action Education 'Learn to love, learn to trust'

'Learn to love, learn to trust'

grup de suport cartell 2maig191On Thursday May 2 at 6.00pm, the Sala d'Actes (next to Sant Francesc library) will host the psychologist Pepa Horno for a talk called “Learn to love, learn to trust”. Organised by the CiF social welfare office, the free event is part of the activities programme for the “Family Support Group” (Grup de Suport Familiar) and is included in the programme of a CEP-sponsored initiative known as the Escola de Pares i Mares.

Members of the audience will hear about how families and educators involved in raising children can work towards emotional “self-regulating”. Horno described the goal as building on children's and teens' emotional strength by moving away from fear and showing them how to recognise their emotions, creating a solid affective network they can rely on when scared or sad.

April 30, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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