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Areas Social action Sports Glass recycling push at municipal football pitch benefits posidonia

Glass recycling push at municipal football pitch benefits posidonia

foto-2020-ecovidrio1Ecovidrio, the nonprofit responsible for recycling glass collected in street-side bins, is teaming up with the municipal and island governments of Formentera and Eivissa to present a recycling push dubbed ‘Glass for Posidonia’ (Vidrio por Posidonia). Training its sights on football clubs, the educational push aims to show sportspeople why recycling glass waste is so important.

On hand as the initiative was unveiled today on Eivissa, sport councillor Paula Ferrer encouraged local athletes and their families to participate. As she pointed out: “Glass for Posidonia stands to deliver a direct benefit to one of our most prized possessions and one in need of serious protection: posidonia seagrass”. “SD Formentera and the Formentera government will work together to make sure we get this right”, she said.

Starting in February and continuing through March, the campaign will see the Sant Francesc sports pitch get a football-shaped bin while logo-emblazoned decorations go up near where clubs compete—part of an effort to press sportspeople, trainers and their families to use the proper bin as they dispose of glass containers.

Separately, every month, the two initiatives on Eivissa and Formentera that are deemed most impactful —i.e., by successfully bringing islanders on board— will be given a €200 cheque for new sports material.

Local group GEN-GOB, which works to protect Posidonia oceanica meadows around Eivissa and Formentera, pledges to donate sports gear the more glass is recycled.

In a bid to increase the campaign’s prominence and visibility, and to encourage even more sportspeople, families and residents to recycle glass, an exhibition will move between Glass for Posidonia’s six participating towns spotlighting the glass-recycling process in Spain and why safeguarding nearby meadows of the seagrass is so crucial.

4 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera


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