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Areas General Services Presidency Consell allows flexible hours and remote work, plus mandates minimum admin services in view of health crisis

Consell allows flexible hours and remote work, plus mandates minimum admin services in view of health crisis

Considering the state of alarm generated by the Covid-19 health crisis, the Consell de Formentera has issued a decree concerning organisation of work and services.

The order, signed yesterday by Consell chief Alejandra Ferrer, calls on government staff to forego all non-essential travel and prioritise employee safety. Department heads are to make arrangements so staff can work from home or remotely; guarantee the provision of minimum services, and maintain positions that pose no risk to staff and are key to service provision.

To help employees balance private and professional obligations, flexible scheduling and virtual work arrangements are to allowed whenever possible. The decree likewise dictates that minimum levels shall apply to the following municipal services: Citizen Information Office (OAC); Secretariat; Accounting; New Technologies; Treasury; Department of Human Resources; Department of Social Services: social workers, family workers, at-home care; Department of Public Safety: Firefighters and Local Police; public lighting; funeral services; cemetery; cleaning brigade; abattoir and animal pound.

Those workers who must remain at home are reminded of their ineligibility for customary holiday leave, personal time and hourly pay. Employees shall stay at home if their functions are declared temporarily unnecessary or are incompatible with virtual work arrangements, though such individuals must remain available should their services be required.

Given the unusual state of things, support and understanding is asked of everyone in light of the changes potentially made necessary by the new organisational scheme for government staff and services.

Department of Human Resources chief Paula Ferrer welcomed the “collaboration and commitment of staff as emergency measures are activated in light of the health crisis” and urged everyone to comply with health protocol. “If we’re going to keep the local government functioning these minimum services are essential”, she said.

18 March 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera


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