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Formentera installs air quality monitors in main buildings

foto 2020 mesurador aireThe Formentera Island Services Department, in association with the Formentera Education and Culture Department, reports that 80 sensors purchased recently for €2,258 will be installed in municipal facilities to ensure proper air quality. The devices issue real-time air-quality readings based on ambient carbon dioxide (C02) levels, temperature and humidity, plus keep time and an ongoing log of readings.

The Covid-19 Prevention, Containment and Coordination Plan was adopted on 28 November and posted to the regional gazette. The plan, including a number of modifications released in the interim, encourages ventilation protocol, outdoor programming and, among other things, C02 monitors. The CPCCP mandates C02 levels remain below 800 parts per million (PPM), or failing that, that spaces be ventilated and capacity reduced until proper levels are attained.

The maintenance brigade will oversee setup of the devices in buildings with high-risk populations (old people’s clubs and the adult day care centre) and opening hours for the public (OAC and other Consell offices), so municipal nurseries, the School of Music and Dance and the fitness centre can reopen, as scheduled, after the Christmas holiday. Devices will also be installed in a host of other locations, including the municipal plenary hall, cinema, Sala d’Actes, libraries, CEN training room, Casal de Joves and Ràdio Illa.

28 December 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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