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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Artists of La Mola stage collective exhibit at Centre “Gabrielet”

Artists of La Mola stage collective exhibit at Centre “Gabrielet”

cartell 2021 expo RespiraFrom tomorrow, Centre Antoni Tur ‘Gabrielet' welcomes a collective exhibition from thirty artists and artisans from the Market in La Mola and a group of guest artists. “Respira” brings together creations from the fields of photography, painting, jewellery, ceramics, handicrafts, leather goods and goldsmithing. Hailing from La Mola’s marketplace are featured artists Muntsa Darné, Silvina Taffuri, Maribel Escandell Guasch, Pablo Arias, Mar Ample, Ur Joies, Oriol Handcustoms Formentera and Olga López Adzerias, Elena Montesinos, Tinaja-Tania Clay, Guillermina Gallardo, Pilar Mena and Alice Stanciu-Semprendada, La Petita Figuera, Brenda Novak, Papajuana, Julie Aubrun, Flor Mauger, Xenia, Macarena Benegas, Fran Lucas, Flavio Cocho and Daniela Carestia. They are joined by guest artists Tomás López, Corvus, Robert P. Hawkins, Berni, Patikas, Jaume Mateu and Israel Lara.

The opening is set for 7.00pm on 14 September, and the exhibit will be on view 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 9.00pm till 25 September. The exhibition space will be closed Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

13 September 2021
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