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Areas Social action Public participation Consell d'Entitats extends period of enforcement and increases fee forformentera.eco

Consell d'Entitats extends period of enforcement and increases fee forformentera.eco

foto 2022 2a sessio CdE 2At 8.00pm yesterday Formentera's council of local associations and entities held its second session where attendees voted on fees and the period of enforcement for formentera.eco, the regulatory scheme to count and cap vehicles brought and driven on the island in summer 2022. The Consell d'Entitats (CdE) voted to extend the regulatory period two weeks, from 15 June to 15 September, and to triple the fees currently in place. Motorists with cars will pay €3 per day and a minimum of €15 while motorcycle drivers must pay €1.50 per day and €7.50 minimum. The arrangement will be approved in the next plenary session of the Consell de Formentera.

Given the restrictions stemming from tier 3 of public health alert, the meeting was held online. Present in the auditorium were Rafael González, Councillor of Mobility; Vanessa Parellada, Councillor of Citizen Participation; the secretary of the gathering and the department specialist of the Formentera Office of Citizen Participation. Ana Juan, President of the Consell de Formentera, as well as association and political party representatives and the local cabinet were able to follow the CdE session online. Eighteen individuals from associations logged on and voted on the proposals together with political party representatives.

President Juan welcomed the involvement, suggestions and contributions of participants during the two sessions, affirming, "They encourage us to keep working to regulate incoming vehicles and achieve the Formentera we all want: an island that is more sustainable and with a better quality of life for residents".

formentera.eco 2022

For his part, the Councillor of Mobility underscored "the broad consensus" that found the majority of association representatives opting to extend the timeline of enforcement as well as to increase formentera.eco fees. Elongated enforcement was adopted with 19 votes for and 3 abstentions, while the proposed tripling of fees received 17 "yes" votes and 3 abstentions, with the 2 remaining voters opting to double fees.

"We hope that this summer the fruits of the regulation will be more palpable and are confident that the current decision by the CdE, together with the 4% lowering of the cap on vehicles, placing us for the first time below 20,000 vehicles, will help us get there", said Councillor González. González expressed hopes that "bicycles, pedestrians and riders of public transport will be increasingly visible, putting an end to the heavy strain caused by vehicles on local roads".

In 2020 in the CdE agreed to carry out a controlled and progressive reduction in the number of vehicles on the island over four years, decreasing 4% each year relative to the ceiling which was set in 2019 and ultimately delivering a reduction of 16% in 2023. In 2022 the decrease will be 12% with respect to the aforementioned ceiling.

Last Tuesday at the first CdE session focused on formentera.eco, participants reviewed and assessed 2021 figures from the scheme to regulate vehicles brought and driven on the island and weighed the proposal for summer 2022. CdE participants had one week to share the proposal with their associates ahead of yesterday's vote.

Reservations in 2022

The summer 2022 bookings portal will go online in the second half of February. The current rate of €1/day for cars (minimum: €5) and €0.50/day for motorcycles and mopeds (minimum: €2.50) will be applied until a modified rate is adopted in April or May. Accreditation will be free for residents of Formentera and the Balearic Islands and individuals with electric vehicles.

Until the bookings website goes online, all accommodation and ferry reservations will guarantee accreditation for reservation holders.

Reinforced controls and new information drives

Next summer control systems will be bolstered. The island currently has cameras in place in La Savina and a mobile camera. In 2022, cameras will be installed at the hospital roundabout; attendants will also monitor parked vehicles, and drivers of rental cars must display information about their rental contract when they park in La Savina.

Before the period of regulatory enforcement, to ensure that all motorists, whether island residents or not, possess the authorisation to drive and park their vehicles on local roads, in May the Consell will pilot an educational push tailored for this purpose.

19 January 2022
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