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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities At Fitur, Formentera highlights protection of natural attractions and off-season offer

At Fitur, Formentera highlights protection of natural attractions and off-season offer

foto 2022 fitur BAt Fitur, Formentera highlights protection of natural attractions and off-season offer

Ana Juan, President of the Consell de Formentera; Alejandra Ferrer, Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism; and Carlos Bernús, Director of Tourism Promotions, are currently representing Formentera at the international tourism expo Fitur in Madrid.

President Juan described the island's promotional focal point as "nature-loving and family travellers respectful of the environment, traditions and culture". She also underscored high turnout at the fair, which presages "a turn-around in domestic tourism". "That's good news for the island", according to Juan.

Today Vice-President Ferrer spoke to the press about Formentera as a destination whose draws include "landscapes, well-preserved nature and a one-of-a-kind identity". In order to maintain these features, Ferrer affirmed that the people of Formentera have always been committed to the conservation.

Among municipal initiatives aimed at making local tourism and the island more sustainable, Ferrer spoke about "an impulse in the countryside since reactivation of the Farmer's Co-operative, the establishment of a ceiling on tourism, projects like formentera.eco, Save Posidonia Project and more". She pointed to next steps like guaranteeing safeguards of the marine environment and Formentera's coastline will require establishing a maritime carrying capacity".

Off-season programming

In addition to the island's natural appeals, Ferrer described cultural and sporting events that are organised on Formentera to attract visitors outside high season months. She drew particular attention to "the possibilities that natural and open spaces with few people offer for enjoying the island in a safer way".

Visitors to Formentera's section at the stand shared by the Balearic Islands can find promotional material on the options for family tourism, enjoying the island's environment, fine dining, heritage and off-season cultural and sporting events.  Also on the agenda of the island's representatives will be other promotional activities like meetings with niche travel magazines, web portals, tour operators and travel agents.

20 January 2021
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