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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Formentera presents pre- and post-season tourist activities in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid

Formentera presents pre- and post-season tourist activities in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid

foto 2022 activitats turistiques CFormentera has developed a Tourism Communication Strategy to draw attention to local attractions and events and draw Spanish travellers to the island. An important part of the strategy are six planned roadshows catering to the source markets in Spain with leading air and sea connections. The first phase took place in April, with presentations this week in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid for major media (press, radio, television and internet) and local travel agents. These presentations enjoyed the enthusiastic attendance of nearly seventy journalists and over forty travel agents.

Alejandra Ferrer, Formentera's Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism, and Carlos Bernús, Chief of Tourism Promotion, have been describing the draws and strengths of a destination which, amid two years of pandemic impasse, has become increasingly popular among Spanish travellers keen on safety and proximity. In addition, Ferrer and Bernús got chance to conduct interviews with national media representatives in each city to reinforce the impact of these events. "Formentera has shown its strong commitment to sustainability, presenting the Save Posidonia Project, formentera.eco and other initiatives that are currently underway", relayed Ferrer, who underscored "nature, cultural and sports activities driven by protection of the local surroundings and identity".

Other focal points include the island's eco-gastronomy, where local products are paired with local wines, and of course, the hotel industry, which encompasses a diverse array of accommodations across a range of prices.

Vice-President Ferrer drew attention to "the multitude of low-season events that make Formentera more than just a summer destination, like 'Formetera20', 'Formentera Astronòmica', 'Formentera Fotogràfica', 'Formentera Zen' and others. All of these are included in 'Discover Formentera'", which she described as "a way to visit a privileged setting with the added value of the most varied, quality events and the chance to relish a tranquil getaway at the best price".

In May, the second phase of this promotional roadshow will include three other important markets: Malaga (9), Sevilla (10) and Bilbao (18).

21 April 2022
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