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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Consell presents fortification plan to "preserve and revitalise the business fabric of Formentera"

Consell presents fortification plan to "preserve and revitalise the business fabric of Formentera"

foto 2022 enfortiment AYesterday the Formentera Office of Commerce presented the commerce fortification plan, which President Ana Juan described to roughly thirty local business representatives gathered in the Consell de Formentera auditorium as "a plan to preserve, invigorate and enrich the commercial fabric of Formentera by fortifying local business".

The president was joined at the presentation by Oriol Cesena, a representative of Focalizza, the consulting firm that developed the plan and which specialises in creating and developing tools that help grow commercial activity. The plan's preparation and development was part of a commitment made by cabinet councillors and endorsed at the debate on the state of Formentera, said President Juan. "It also reflects the concerns and suggestions of Formentera businesses". For Juan, "our driving purpose is to maintain and enhance the essence of Formentera's commerce and public and private collaboration is essential to making that happen".

Mr Cesena explained that the plan is structured along 4 strategic lines, 11 targeted programmes and 39 actions to be developed in the years ahead. "The programmes derived from these overarching lines must be sufficiently concrete to be operational, but they must also be flexible enough that they can be revised and adapted to the possible dynamics of commercial transformation on the island", he said.

Strategic priorities

The following strategic lines of action are proposed: promote the planning of commercial activity, with specific programmes to recover the sector's image and prestige in Formentera towns; boost Formentera businesses' competetiveness and the local economic fabric by promoting local commerce and delivering services linked to tourism and strategies that help position the local product as a key piece of the productive sector; to preserve the buy-local model while generating new economic activities on the island; to generate prestige in the existing economic fabric year round, and finally, to promote and regulate the business sector. "Promoting and bringing visibility to local business means communication and promotional campaigns, but it also includes a wide range of steps to involve islanders in buying local, and we need a communications approach to attracting different segments of consumers", said Cesena.

22 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera



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