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Areas General Services Presidency Years two and three of primary learn emergency response with police liaison

Years two and three of primary learn emergency response with police liaison

foto 2022xi practica policia tutorThe Office of Interior of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that during this school year the Police Liaison service of the Formentera Local Police is giving theory-based and hands-on classes to primary school children in years two and three to learn what to do in an emergency. This activity benefits from the collaboration of the Balearic Government and the 112 emergency response service.

In the theoretical class, pupils answer questions about possible emergency situations and how the resulting dangers can be avoided. Pupils engage in discussion and learn how to activate an emergency response by calling 112.

In the practical class, pupils recreate an emergency situation involving a bus coming down from La Mola, which one pupil encounters the accident and must signal it to emergency services to activate the response. The rest of the pupils dress up as police officers, firefighters, civil guards and health workers, and experience first-hand the actions they must perform. The objective is to be prepared to act in the event of a real emergency.
Pictured: a class held this week with year two of CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu.

21 December 2022
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