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Formentera to gain insight into visitor spending thanks to data from major credit card company

foto 2023i dades mastercardThe Office of Tourism of the Consell de Formentera has reached an agreement with Mastercard for segmented data on digital purchases made by Formentera's visitors using the company's cards in 2022. The data, which are completely anonymous, will be compared with those of 2019, before the pandemic.

In the words of Alejandra Ferrer, vice president and tourism councillor, "It will give us an objective sense of our tourists' preferences, their patterns and places of consumption, to understand their real daily spending and extract other interesting data on the cost of local goods and services for the Formentera Data Observatory."

Currently Mastercard offers data on international tourists, who use this type of card the most. The Office of Tourism is already working on reaching similar agreements with VISA and expanding information to the national public.

According to data from the tourist satisfaction barometer, average daily spending in summer 2022 was roughly €98, similar to the previous year. Data from Ibestat, meanwhile, indicate a daily spending level in the Pine Islands of €173.

Ferrer pointed out that the new data from Mastercard mean "the Observatory will have a picture that is objective – unlike data from surveys, which always depend on the questions asked and respondents' short-term recall." She added, "Through analysis we will be able to compare and improve these data and enrich our understanding of how a significant swath of visitors spend money and what they prefer." In the coming months this information will be shared with the sector and published on the Formentera Data Observatory website.

26 January 2023
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