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Areas General Services Presidency Firefighters develop emergency prevention work in Formentera schools

Firefighters develop emergency prevention work in Formentera schools

foto 2023iii bombers AThe Consell de Formentera fire brigade have taken to local schools to develop efforts to prevent emergencies, particularly fires. The preventive training includes visits by kindergarten and primary pupils to the fire station, review of schools' self-protection plans, fire drills in schools and trainings –for pupils at Marc Ferrer Secondary School and for teachers at both the primary and secondary level– to improve emergency response.

According to Josep Marí, interior councillor, additional personnel mean that "the fire department can now dedicate more efforts to prevention, which is very important to forestalling emergencies and improving emergency response". He added that "actions are focusing on schools because safety there is a priority". At the start of the legislature the brigade had eight professional firefighters and one collaborator; it now comprises 15 professional firefighters and a collaborator.

Kindergarten students were the first to visit the fire station, where they saw firefighters' tools, got into the truck, put on firefighter suits and even put out simulated fires. Primary pupils will also visit the station, where they will learn about victim care and how to respond in emergencies. Pupils of the secondary school will participate in prevention classes held directly at the high school.

The fire brigade will also lead theory-based and hands-on courses for teachers at the island's primary schools and high school. Participants will learn how to perform evacuations and be familiarised with various types of fires and how to use extinguishing equipment. In parallel, fire drills will also be staged at schools and firefighters will review on-site self-protection plans.

29 March 2023
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