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Seven applicants answer latest call for artisan accreditation

foto 2023iv artesa CThe Office of Commerce of the Consell de Formentera reports that this week a fresh round of exams have been held as part of a new call to accredit local craft workers. In total, seven people have applied to obtain nine artisan cards for trimmings, costume jewellery, oven glazing, knitting, dressmaking, flower drying and object decorating. Among the applicants, one craftsman has also applied for the drywall master test.

Ana Juan, president and commerce councillor, underscored "Formentera artisans' interest in growing and training in their trade, which shows that this is a very lively sector we must protect and promote".

Applicants must pass a test evaluated by a technical panel chaired by heritage department technician Jaume Escandell and comprising other department technicians and master craftsmen. During the evaluation, applicants make the product they wish to specialise in in their workshop while panel members observe working methods and pose practical questions about the manufacturing process and techniques. In addition, applicants must demonstrate familiarity in certain areas like basic notions, tools, equipment and machinery of the trade; origin of materials; preparation, handling, finishing processes; technical safety and hygiene, and more.

The last test was held in November, when one master craftsman and seven craftsmen received artisan cards, bringing Formentera's current total of accredited artisans to 68 craftspeople, 11 master craftspeople and four honorary master craftspeople.

26 April 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera



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