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Formentera.eco: controlled entry of in-bound vehicles resumes today

The Formentera department of mobility reports that today marks the resumption of formentera.eco and the return of a scheme to count and cap vehicles that are brought to and driven on the island. “This July and August, for the second straight year we’re launching a programme for economic, environmental and social stability unlike any other in the country”, said mobility conseller Rafael González.

Sixteen thousand three hundred and ninety-three vehicles have the accreditation necessary to be operated on local roads as formentera.eco resumes today. The number is similar to 12 months ago, when 17.834 had the associated accreditation. Day-one figures are as follows:

Visiting motorists / compact cars: 855
Visiting motorists / motor-scooters: 96

Eivissa residents / compact cars: 220
Eivissa residents / motor-scooters: 20

Rented compact cars: 2,481
Rented motor-scooters: 6,720

Formentera resident vehicles: 4,993
Other vehicles: 1,008

Total: 16,393
Information up to date as of 10.00am on 1 July 2020

Conseller González hailed the figures, pointing out the total number of accreditations had held steady since July 2019 despite the ongoing public health crisis. “We’re still below our summer limit”, he said, “and, at the moment, in line with our sustainability goals”.

The ceiling in 2020 has been set at 21,487 — down four per cent, or 895 vehicles, from last summer. González highlighted the “calculated and gradual” course charted earlier in the term to cut total vehicles by 16% in four years, or 4% fewer cars every year. “Our end-game hasn’t changed in that respect”, confided González, “we don’t want the public health crisis to jeopardise the model of sustainability that we’ve worked years to get to”.

Full rebates
Fees associated with formentera.eco are being waived this summer in an effort to offset this year’s unusual circumstances, meaning motorists pay nothing to drive on the island. Drivers without accreditation can get it at www.formentera.eco.

Ferry companies and car hire agencies
For the second year running, ferry companies that transport vehicles to Formentera will collaborate by reminding boarding passengers of the new requirement. “Permits are still available on www.formentera.eco”, said González, “so passengers can even go online and complete the process on the ride over”. Visitors who wish to bring vehicles to the island in July and August are informed on ferry company websites that they will need accreditation to do so.

Rental car companies are complying with the new programme by requesting accreditation for their fleets.

On behalf of local government, the mobility chief applauded car hire companies’ “full cooperation” as the programme enters its second year.

Resident accreditation
Formentera residents too must have accreditation to drive on the island during these two months. As in 2019, accreditation for any islander already authorised to park in blue-zone parking spaces will be automatic. Local motorists without a valid pass for metred parking can obtain accreditation in a few simple steps at www.formentera.eco. Drivers who are unsure of whether their accreditation is valid can verify it by introducing their vehicle plate number in a special section of the website.

Controlling vehicle plate numbers
Accreditation will continue to be verified by a reader that scans number plates as cars enter and exit the island in La Savina. Individuals without the necessary accreditation will face fines of between €1,000 and €10,000.

1 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

15-minute parking spots at port of La Savina

Foto 2020 aparcament 15 minuts port la SavinaThe Formentera office of mobility reports that the parking lot adjacent to the La Savina harbour has been equipped with thirteen 15-minute spaces for ferry traveler pick-up and drop-off. Motorists can use the spots from today, and although they will soon be marked as blue zone spaces, rules will not be formally observed until enforcement of metred parking resumes across the island on 1 July.

Available to all without exclusion, free 15-minute passes can be obtained at nearby blue zone parking metres, a system which was designed to encourage frequent turnover. The Consell and Balearic Port Authority opted to implement the new spaces after determining that such short-term parking was a necessity at La Savina’s port.

25 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

From 1 July, blue and green zone metred parking returns on Formentera

Foto 2020 zona blavaThe Formentera Department of Mobility reports that from Wednesday 1 July, parking passes will once again be required of drivers who park in blue or green zones in La Savina, Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and Es Pujols. Placed on temporary hold with the invocation of emergency orders on 14 March, the metred parking scheme will resume, with summer hours in effect, from the start of July.

-Hours in Es Pujols will now be in line with other towns across the island, with pay-to-park rules enforced from 9.00am to 9.00pm. Mobility conseller Rafael González traced the decision to the public health crisis surrounding Covid-19, citing a projected drop in demand for nighttime parking this season.

-Passes for hotel guests and other overnighters in urban areas with metred parking. Indicating that the initiative had stemmed from an appeal from the island’s tourism sector, the conseller said that this summer tourist establishments would be able to request vouchers and give them to guests, who can use them to get discounts of up to 25% off pay-to-park rates.

-New parking app. “Drivers will no longer have to walk all the way to parking metres”, highlighted González, who said that under the new system, parking passes would be available exclusively to drivers with Flowbird Parking, a free download from Google Play or the Apple Store.

-Any parking passes in effect when emergency orders were declared in March 2020 will have their validity be extended to year end. Conseller González said that the aim of the extension, given the current situation of exception, is to make things easier on users of the metred parking system”.

Metred parking
With summer hours, a parking pass allows its holder to leave a vehicle in a blue zone space for up to one day, unlike the three-day allotment in winter. Passes are required from Monday to Sunday and cost €1.20.

Green zone parking spots are restricted to authorized vehicles only. Eligible vehicles can remained parked in green zone spots for one day in summer, while registered residents of La Savina can park for up to 15 days, as in winter.

Fifteen-minute spaces are designed to encourage a frequent turnover of vehicles in shopping areas where the demand for parking is high. Anyone can obtain a free 15-minute pass at a parking metre. Only 15-minute passes can be used at designated 15-minute parking spots.

Visit www.zonablava.com for more information.

22 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Port de la Savina: operativity study unveiled

Foto Operativitat La SavinaIn a press conference today, Consell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer was joined by Joan Gual de Torrella, Marc Pons and Xavier Ramis, the chiefs of the Balearic port authority (APB), mobility ministry and office of air and sea transport, in unpacking a study on the operational capacity of Port de la Savina, as well as a suite of fresh proposals tuned to improving mobility in the harbour.

Ferrer explained that the APB-led study came in response to calls from the Consell de Formentera underscoring the need for more environmentally sustainable maritime connections between Formentera and Eivissa. She remarked that the ferry route cuts across Ses Salines reserve, and pointed to increasingly frequent crossings and a growing stream of visitors. “The aim is not to stop people from coming, rather to improve the service”, said Ferrer, highlighting proposed safety upgrades and changes to make the harbour “more sustainable in terms of the environment and economy”.

Marc Pons pointed out that up to 97 ferries make the journey every day in August, though on average they are only 30% full. The study’s authors, from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, recommend reducing ferry frequency by 30% to 68 a day in the high season, along with guarantees for passages and scheduling.

Joan Gual de Torrella said the proposed changes had the buy-in of all the agencies directly concerned, and underscored the importance of collaboration from ferry companies in getting the changes off the ground this season. The study calls for modifying the departure times of regularly scheduled journeys in order to prevent overlap and minimise potential operational risks, not to mention increasing travel time from thirty to sixty minutes.

The officials sat down to discuss the proposal with transport company representatives in the run-up to the press conference. Formentera’s chief of mobility, Rafael González, was also on hand at the gathering.

10 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

As formentera.eco returns, island’s scheme to count and cap in-bound vehicles extends free permits to visitors

The Formentera Department of Mobility reports that from 1 July to 31 August, vehicles brought or driven on the island will once again be subject to the formentera.eco regulatory scheme. As department chief Rafael González pointed out, though this season’s exceptional circumstances mean visitors will benefit from a full rebate of associated fees, the project itself “isn’t going anywhere; we don’t want the public health crisis to affect the model of sustainability we’ve worked toward for years”.

Drivers who wish to operate a vehicle on local roads in July and August must first obtain a permit on the formentera.eco website, and, as part of a one-off measure this season, the process can be done at no charge. The reservations portal will go online Wednesday 10 June, the same day drivers who opted to secure a spot early can begin confirming pre-bookings. An e-mail will go out in the days ahead with details on those steps, which motorists will have ten days to complete.

Resident permits
Conseller González pointed out that while Formentera residents would once again be exempt from fees, all but those motorists who already possess up-to-date accreditation to park in metred blue zone spaces must still apply for the formentera.eco permit. Drivers can request a parking pass or check the validity of the one they have by visiting formentera.eco and entering their vehicle plate number.

Rent-a-car agencies
Car hire companies can request accreditation for rental fleets by first obtaining a username and password from the Formentera Department of Mobility and then visiting a special section of the formentera.eco website.

As in years past, a reader in La Savina will the scan number plates of in- and out-bound vehicles in order to confirm they are registered. Fines for failing to possess accreditation vary from €1,000 to €10,000.

Formentera.eco 2020
In 2020, the cap on in-bound vehicles is set at 21,487—four per cent lower than in 2019, when the limit was 22,382. According to the conseller, the administration’s roadmap for the current legislative term envisions “sensible and progressive” progress that, in the space of four years, will translate into 16% per cent fewer vehicles on the island. That means lowering the ceiling by 4% every year, a goal which González continues to stand by: “It’s an end-game that reflects the Formentera we want to preserve today and for generations to come”.

5 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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