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80 new blue zone parking spaces added in la Savina

The Formentera Council's mobility office reports that the new blue zone parking on the western side of la Savina port—currently the site of parking for rental cars—will be incorporated into the island's metred or “regulated” parking scheme from tomorrow, Monday May 13.

The system will be unveiled—and will function just like in other parts of la Savina and other towns of the island—as soon as the Council obtains the go-ahead from the Balearic port authority to manage parking in the area.

The move will add 80 extra zona blava parking spaces in la Savina. An overflow parking lot has also been opened opposite plaça Illes Pitiüses.

May 12, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Vehicle entry regulated from Monday May 13 at ses Salines nature reserve

peatge-control-entrada-illetes1The Formentera Council's mobility office reports that Monday, May 13, operators will begin regimenting vehicle access to the Parc Natural de ses Salines. Formentera residents can continue to park vehicles at the reserve all season long at no charge.

Non-residents, meanwhile, will be asked to pay €4 per car and €2 per mopeds. The price climbs to €5 and €3, respectively, between June 1 and July 15; and reaches its peak between July 16 and August 31 (€6 and €4). The amount will drop again in first half of September and once again from September 15-30 (€5/€3 and €4/€2, respectively).

Access is free for drivers with reduced mobility and those with electric vehicles as well as for walkers and cyclists. Drivers of hybrid vehicles are entitled to a 50% discount.

Controlled access to parking areas near Illetes beach will be in force until September 30. At car parks serving es Cavall d'en Borràs and Llevant beaches, attendants will be on duty from June 1 to September 15. The patrolled entry points will be open from 9.00am to 5.00pm in low season and 9.00am to 8.00pm in high season.

Prohibitions and vehicle restrictions
As part of an effort to foment sustainable forms of transport and safeguard the protected land, four-by-fours are expressly prohibited within the confines of the nature reserve. Plus, controlled access will be implemented for regular and discretional buses as a rush-hour traffic avoidance measure.

Oversized vehicles, such as lorries carrying products to nearby restaurants, are also restricted during peak visiting times.

May 10, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Summer hours in effect for metred parking on Formentera

foto 15m parquin regulat

Summer hours in effect for metred parking on Formentera

The Formentera Council's mobility department reports that from tomorrow, Wednesday May 1, summer hours will be enforced across metred parking areas in la Savina, Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and es Pujols. In la Savina, Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran metred parking rules are in effect from Monday to Sunday 9.00am to 9.00pm and, in es Pujols, Monday to Sunday from 10.00am to 12 midnight.

Blue zone parking passes will be valid in any blue zone (zona blava) spaces on the island, while drivers of vehicles that are ineligible for the blue zone reduction must pay €1.20 per hour.

Drivers can leave their cars parked a maximum of one day in summer, as opposed to the three-day limit applied in winter. As far as green zone (zona verda) parking is concerned, motorists in la Savina can park up to 15 days (drivers of authorised vehicles have up to 24 hours).

15-minute parking

The rollout of 15-minute parking spaces started in November and the scheme will continue through summer. Located in Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran, these spaces are designed to promote vehicle circulation in areas of heavy business activity and parking shortage.

Fiften-minute parking passes can be obtained by any driver for free and are valid for any associated 15-minute space. No other passes will be accepted for vehicles parked in 15-minute spaces.

For more details visit http://www.zonablava.com/.

April 30, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council


it-1-Italian, French and German versions of the formentera.eco website added early this week have brought the site's total number of available languages to six, marking a leap forward in terms of the service's reach and accessibility. In the day's since the April 15 launch of the reservations portal, the service has logged close to 2,130 reservations—1,052 for vehicles driven by visiting motorists; 357 for cars registered on the island, and the rest for vehicles that complete a separate set of conditions. No incidents have been reported and applicants have yet to reach any of the vehicle entry caps established under the scheme.

May 3, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Island launches www.formentera.eco reservations platform for July and August drivers

foto-presentacio---web-reserve1The Formentera Council convened the local tourism sector and islanders at large for an unveiling of the www.formentera.eco website, a presentation aimed at bringing people up to speed on the new reservations platform for anyone planning to drive on the island in July and August.

As the event got underway at 10.00am in the Council's Sala de Plens, Jaume Ferrer gave an overview of everything that's happened since the Consell d'Entitats formulated the original request—(“regulate the vehicles coming onto Formentera to avoid highway saturation during the core months of the season”)—back in 2014.

“We've been at it since then”, said Ferrer, “and this year, on January 29, legislation for Formentera's environmental and economic stability finally took effect, giving us the authority to determine how vehicles are brought onto the island”. With decision-making authority, plus the buy-in of both the Consell d'Entitats and the administration's plenary assembly, Formentera came up with a cap on the number of vehicles that will be allowed on local roads during the first months of what is a ground-breaking programme in Spain. A key part of getting there was the creation of the www.formentera.eco website, which was unveiled today.

Web: formentera.eco
CiF communications chief Elena Trinidad led a demo of the website, pointing up its four functionalities, the first of which is a search engine which enables tourists to view a calendar of availability and determine (and reserve) the dates of their visit. Tourists must pay one euro per day to bring a car, or fifty cents daily for scooters. A first email will be sent to verify the reservation; a second email contains a link to complete payment.

The second functionality, for individuals, businesses and operators of certain vehicles, is a one-stop process enabling motorists to obtain the authorisation for the rest of the season. With this feature, Formentera residents can register their personal vehicles at no cost and are not submitted to limits.

The third part of the website enables drivers to use their vehicle plate number to check if a reservation has been processed correctly. A fourth section of the platform will feature all the details about the project, including downloadable, shareable material and other useful info like public transport schedules.

Automatic accreditation
CiF mobility councillor Rafael González pointed out that if a vehicle has a blue and green zone parking permit, accreditation to be on the road in July and August is automatic. Council officials say they expect the synching of www.formentera.eco and the administration's own database—enabling islanders to see if they've received the automatic go-ahead—to be completed this May.

González stressed that car-hire companies can complete multiple registrations at the same time for vehicles within the same fleet. Businesses will be contacted in May and provided log-info enabling them access to a dedicated section of the new platform.

Eye on tourism
For her part, CiF tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer underscored her department's efforts to ensure the aesthetics of the project squared with the island's message for tourists. Staff trawled the department's catalogue of images to put forward a sustainable vision of Formentera. The department has also been contributing information to the site and made it a talking point at travel expos since January. The global response has been extremely positive.

“Travelers from outside Spain don't typically bring their vehicles when they visit”, said Ferrer, “but we've detected a great deal of interest at travel expos”. “Feedback has been fabulous”, she continued, “people get that this is about conservation, which happens to be a core interest for most of our visitors”.

The website will be translated in six languages. Today's grand-opening was in Catalan and tomorrow will see the addition of Spanish and English, with the Italian, French and German equivalents expected up in May.

April 15, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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