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La XII Mitja Marató Illa de Formentera s’ajorna fins al pròxim 10 d’octubre

El Consell de Formentera, a través de les àrees de Promoció Turística i Esports, informa que la XII Mitja Marató i la Cursa 8 km que havien de celebrar-se el 16 de maig han quedat ajornades al pròxim 10 d’octubre arran la situació d’emergència sanitària pel Covid-19.

Tant aquest ajornament com la data triada del 10 d’octubre s’han adoptat de manera consensuada entre l’empresa organitzadora de la prova, Unisport Consulting, les àrees de Promoció Turística i Esports, i el sector turístic que forma part de la Comissió de Promoció Turística del Consell.

Els responsables del Consell de Formentera i els organitzadors agraeixen la comprensió dels atletes inscrits i ofereixen diferents opcions als corredors, com transferir automàticament la seva inscripció al 10 d’octubre, o fer-ho per a l’edició 2021 (sense sorteig i guardant l’import pagat), també s’ofereix la possibilitat de transferir el seu dorsal a un altre atleta o la baixa i devolució de l’import de la inscripció abonat, i en el cas d’haver contractat l’assegurança de cancel·lació. Aviat, tots els inscrits rebran un correu electrònic per part d’Unisport, informant amb detall de totes les opcions.

Esdeveniments de maig ajornats
Així mateix, els esdeveniments previstos per al mes de maig com el Formentera Fotogràfica, que hauria de celebrar-se del 29 d’abril al 3 maig, i el Formentera 20, previst del 7 al 10 de maig, han quedat ajornats, i es celebraran ambdos entre l’1 i el 4 d’octubre. Respecte als Caps de setmana Gastronòmics, que també se celebren al mes de maig, s’ubicaran més endavant quan el calendari i la situació d’emergència sanitària ho permeti.

“Des de l’àrea de Promoció Turística s’està treballant en la reorganització de les diferents campanyes de promoció i les accions comunicatives per poder donar una bona empenta en el moment que sigui possible preparar la temporada turística. Mentrestant continuam fent arribar l’illa als que l’estimen a través de les xarxes socials”, ha assenyalat la presidenta del Consell i consellera de Turisme, Alejandra Ferrer.

Proves esportives suspeses
D’altra banda, les proves esportives que haurien de celebrar-se aquest mes d’abril —BTT La Mola, del 5 d’abril, i De far a far, del 19 d’abril— han quedat suspeses i no se celebraran aquest any 2020. Així mateix es suspenen totes les proves esportives fins al 31 de maig.

2 d’abril de 2020
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

As health emergency unfolds, Consell enacts protocol for staff

The human resources division of the Consell de Formentera has put in place a series of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of government workers and islanders and to contain the local spread of Covid-19.

In light of the unique situation, from Monday 16 March:
- In-person support at government offices will be suspended.
- All government business must be conducted over the phone or online.
- Appointments and in-person meetings will be kept to a minimum.

To help staff balance work and family life:
- The workday will be made increasingly flexible.
- Whenever possible, staff will be allowed to work remotely.
- At-risk personnel will be asked to provide the Consell updates about their situation so proper protective steps can be taken.

Human resources chief Paula Ferrer explained that with the prospect of union negotiations off the table, agreement about the new measures had been reached between worker representatives and the Consell.

The island government will continue issuing frequent updates, and Ferrer said “responsibility and effort” would be required of all islanders “as we attempt to navigate the situation as best we can”.

13 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

In six months Formentera creates 15 job banks for new hires and temps

foto 2020 casa consistorialThe human resources arm of the Formentera government is several months into the creation of 15 catalogues of job listings for temporary and permanent employees. Department chief Paula Ferrer, who took to the floor at yesterday’s plenary to review the efforts under her watch, framed the job banks (borsins de treball) as part of a host of measures this term designed “to stabilise services and improve the way local government engages with islanders”. Since September, the department has sought applicants in areas like agriculture, administration, law, psychology, archiving, culture, youth, social work, veterinary services, swimming, language normalisation, security for cultural displays, inspections and vehicle roadworthiness testing.

Councillor Ferrer described the job banks as a key piece of her department’s strategy, which she said was more broadly geared towards priorities such as slowly growing the government’s base of professional staff, passing the Schedule of Positions (Relació de Llocs de Treball), creating a common salary chart for government employees and coming up with a new collective labour agreement.

To get there, Ferrer underscored the importance of collective bargaining. So far the negotiating committee has met four times since the start of the current term, and Councillor Ferrer insisted it must remain a key part of the administration’s bargaining arrangement with trade unions. Ferrer described collaboration between the two sides as lively, holding it up as the driving force behind progress in areas like hammering out terms for standard and exceptional recruitment to the Formentera Local Police force, and improving such terms for employees at Ferrovial, firefighters and monitors at the sport centre.

26 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Open days at pool, futuristic classroom and reusable bottles—all part of ‘Posam Valors a l’Esport’

foto 2020 posam valors esportThe Formentera Department of Sport went public today with its lineup of activities and initiatives planned for 2020 as part of programme to promote sportsmanship and values-based play. Cosponsored by the Govern balear and Formentera’s local government, ‘Posam Valors a l’Esport’ (Let’s Put Values in Sport) aims to promote activities, training and outreach around the principles and positive attitudes inherent in sport.

According to the island’s councillor of sport, Paula Ferrer, this year’s programme will go beyond underscoring the need to defend such principles, and “get families of sportspeople involved, making activities more participatory and inclusive”. “Physical activity is an instrument of integration, in our relationships and for families. So Formentera is on the hook to promote social and educational values”, she said. The councillor also ran through some of the activities on the horizon this year. The Aula del Futur (Classroom of the Future), for instance, is an “innovative and interactive space” promoted by the Department of Sport and conceived as a “gathering place and a place of learning”. Then there are the open days scheduled at the municipal pool from Saturday 22 February. Or distribution of 750 reusable bottles among participants in municipal camps and members of local sport clubs.

Aula del Futur
Now under construction at the local resource centre for teachers (CEP), the Aula del Futur is a multi-disciplinary classroom equipped with computers, videos and screens where school-age sportspeople can share knowledge and take sportsmanlike values even further. Current plans put the classroom’s opening before the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Open days at the municipal pool
The action begins this Saturday at 10.00am with an open day at the local swimming pool—a free event designed to get island families with children of all ages involved in diving, aquatic games and an array of other activities. Additional open days are scheduled 21 March, 25 April and 23 May.

20 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Over 400 registered to run in Formentera All Round Trail on 29 February

img 32512Paula Ferrer, chief of Formentera’s Department of Sport, unveiled details today about the ninth Formentera All Round Trail. The run, which is set to take place 29 February, marks the start of Formentera’s 2020 sports calendar, which Ferrer called “one of the key draws for tourism in the off-season”. Pere Serra, representing the Elite Chip firm on Formentera, and Daniel de la Dueña, a Department of Sport staffer—both were on hand at the morning presentation. Some 400 runners will participate according to the most recent tally, which, as Councillor Ferrer pointed out, “comes in just short of our 500-person limit, but gives us a pretty good indication of the recognition the trail run has earned both domestically and abroad”.

The Elite Chip spokesperson described “Fart” as a 72.5K coastal jaunt that starts and ends in La Savina harbour and this year offers runners a new modality, group relay. Participants in the 40.5K Half Round Formentera set out in Es Arenals but wind up in La Savina, and athletes in the 21K “Part Fart” (Tros de Fart) start their run in Es Caló before making their way to La Savina. Runners have 13, 9.5 and 4 hours to complete the respective trials.

Earth-smart run
Councillor Ferrer held up Fart’s “enormous environmental focus—one of the issues that’s closest to our heart”. In kind, gels and bottles carry their holder’s entry number and will be used to identify runners who toss them carelessly along the trail. Free transport is provided to the starting lines of the Half and Part Fart, and an array of discounts on transport and accommodations exist for individuals who patronise participating businesses.

Ferrer also applauded the fixture’s supporting organisations, like the Balearic Port Authority (APB), the regional ministry of environment, the Guardia Civil, Civil Protection and Formentera Local Police forces, and volunteers, all of whom are crucial to Fart’s success.

12 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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