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Tres joves formenterers al campionat del món sub15 de Winbsurf a França

Els formenterers Hugo Colomar, Mia Berazategui i Gala Fornés s'han desplaçat a la localitat francesa de Quiberon per disputar el mundial de surf de vela en la categoria sub15 amb la Real Federació Espanyola de Vela.

Els tres joves formenterers varen aconseguir aquesta classificació després d'haver acabat en el més alt del rànquing nacional 2023, que és el resultant de la suma de punts aconseguits en el Campionat d'Espanya i la Copa d'Espanya.

Per poder assistir a les cites nacionals, prèviament han de superar el tall i classificar-se en els campionats autonòmics per formar part de l'equip autonòmic que assisteix als campionats nacionals amb la Federació Balear de Vela.

El Mundial començarà el 30 de juliol i finalitzarà el 5 d'agost. Cada jornada està previst que es realitzin tres proves si les condicions meteorològiques ho permeten.

Els tres representants de Formentera tenen nivell per estar entre els deu primers de la general d’al·lots i al·lotes respectivament, i no seria cap sorpresa que algun d'ells aconsegueix fer podi.

Resum del Palmarès més destacat d'aquest 2023.

Hugo Colomar

- 11è Campionat d'Europa (Llac de Garda, Torbole)

- 1r Campionat d'Espanya (Melilla)

- 1r Copa Espanya (Salou)

- 1r Rànquing Nacional

- 1r Campionat de Balears

- 1r Rànquing Balear

Mia Berazategui

- 7a Campionat d'Europa (Llac de Garda, Torbole)

- 2a Campionat d'Espanya (Melilla)

- 2a Copa Espanya (Salou)

- 1a Rànquing Nacional

- 1a Campionat de Balears

- 1a Rànquing Balear

Gala Fornés

- 6a Campionat d'Europa (Llac de Garda, Torbole)

- 4a Campionat d'Espanya (Melilla)

- 2a Copa Espanya (Salou)

- 2a Rànquing Nacional

- 2a Campionat de Balears

- 2a Rànquing Balear

Registration for summer swimming lessons opens 12 June

foto 2023vi piscinaThe Office of Sport of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that signups for summer swimming lessons at the municipal pool will start 12 June. Islanders interested in requesting information or registering can visit the Antoni Blanc sports centre Thursday 12 June to Friday 23 June.

From Monday 26 June, interested parties will be informed of available hours and days by telephone.

Classes will be held afternoons from Monday 3 July to Thursday 31 August, and preference will be given to children aged three to six.

1 June 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera joins Nena i Esport platform to promote gender equality

The Office of Sport of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to announce that it has begun preparing the Values Plan for the 2023-2024 academic year, including the launch of Nena i Esport, an online platform that architects of the project hope will work in tandem with local schools. Paula Ferrer, sports councillor, explained that the goal is "to use sport and [the] platform as tools to promote gender equality".

The platform will be used to propose activities encouraging girls, boys and actors around them to debate, investigate and reflect on gender equality in sport. The proposal supports teachers by offering practical and interactive activities designed for years five and six of primary school and years one through five of secondary school.

To encourage teachers of PE and other subjects, homeroom teachers and school administrations to participate, the Office of Sport has sent a letter with all the information and a form to schools.

24 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Consell and Formentera Island Tennis Club sign deal to manage, maintain and clean municipal tennis and paddle courts

foto 2023v conveni tennisToday Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera, Ana Juan, and Jorge Jiménez, president of Formentera Island Tennis Club, signed a collaboration agreement whereby the Consell will provide the club with €11,000 to oversee use and maintenance of municipal tennis and paddle courts while the club commits to regularly maintain the facilities in 2023.

16 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Nearly 3,000 runners to join Formentera Island Half-Marathon and 8K Run

foto 2023v mitja maratoToday Ana Juan, Alejandra Ferrer and Paula Ferrer––president, vice president/tourism councillor and sports councillor, respectively, of the Consell de Formentera––along with Manuel Hernández, director of Unisport Consulting, presented the 14th Formentera Island Half-Marathon (Mitja Marató) and 8K run from Sant Ferran to La Savina. Taking place place this Saturday 13 May at 6.00pm, the races will assemble nearly 3,300 athletes (2,085 in the Mitja Marató and 1,185 in the 8K) from mainland Spain, Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

The presentation was also attended by representatives of the event's core sponsors: Francesco Bellini, commercial manager of Trasmapi, and Lourdes Costa, director of the Caixabank office in Sant Francesc.

"Excitement always runs high as we host Formentera's biggest race and one whose significance extends beyond the competition itself", said President Juan, describing the event as "the best excuse to visit the island and enjoy our nature, atmosphere and gastronomy".

As Vice President Ferrer put it, "this event is the perfect chance for participants and their companions to enjoy Formentera in May, when the island comes alive with cultural and fine-dining activities showcasing the best of our pre-season offer".

Changes and safety
For her part, Paula Ferrer held up "the organisational capacity of Formentera, collaborating companies, security forces and healthcare staff" and praised the work of "volunteers, who are crucial to making the Mitja Marató happen". All told, organisers, security personnel and volunteers number roughly 250. She highlighted changes in the last 500-metre stretch through La Savina that will see runners take Carrer Gregal to avoid the main road, explaining, "It makes for a safer run and means we won't have to close roads at the entrance of La Savina, where a temporary walkway has been set up".

Finally, Manuel Hernández said that the number of participants had all but returned to pre-pandemic levels––a sign of the enormous interest that the Mitja Marató sparks among fans.

Running towards equality with maua flowers
As President Juan pointed out, this year's event "takes another step towards visibility for women and gender equality": Mónica Batán, the director of Wanawake, as well as an activist and popular runner, will run the race wearing maua flowers on her bib and bracelets made by women survivors of some the most extremest forms of gender violence.

"The other runners will also be able to join the gesture and wear the flowers on their bibs and wrists, leveraging a pro-equality slogan and symbol to contribute to the solution", explained Juan. Proceeds will help provide employment opportunities for female survivors in Kenya, Tanzania and Spain of female genital mutilation, child marriage and human trafficking.

Reducing plastics and staying hydrated
This year's event is also about reducing single-use plastics, and organisers will distribute flexible reusable water bottles filled with isotonic beverages at the second refreshment point (kilometre 9) of the Half-Marathon and the start of the 8K run.

Once at the finish line, participants will be given a second reusable bottle with water. In this way, respect for the environment is paired with runners' need to stay hydrated. Runners will also be able to refresh themselves at shower stations set up along the route.

Road closures
Certain stretches of PM 820 will be closed to vehicle traffic. The Consell apologises for the inconvenience that this may cause.

1. PM 820 (Entrance to El Pilar de la Mola to the lighthouse): 2.00pm to 7.00pm
2. PM 820 (Exit from El Pilar de la Mola to Sant Ferran): 4.30pm to 8.00pm
3. PM 820 2 (Sant Ferran to La Savina via Es Pujols): 5.00pm to 8.30pm

10 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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