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Formentera touts itself to Berliners as sustainable destination

foto-itb-formentera1The Formentera Council's department of tourism will be promoting the island at Berlin's ITB travel expo through Sunday March 10. Department chief Alejandra Ferrer travelled to the city to present Formentera to expo-goers as an island where sustainability reigns.

The CiF councillor spoke to members of niche press outlets about pioneering sustainability strategies being deployed on Formentera. She talked about the forthcoming initiative to regulate vehicle ingress, the Save Posidonia Project and “the importance of safeguarding our sea and scenery”, which Ferrer called “mainstays of the island's tourist appeal”.

The tourism chief pointed out that Formentera's economy is “100 per cent tourism-based” and affirmed: “That's why the balance between protecting the land, wellbeing of islanders and working our competitive edge over other destinations is so crucial”. Getting there will require Formentera develop an identity which sets it apart from the crowd: “We've got to showcase those features that make us unique—gastronomy, culture, traditions, heritage and the list goes on”.

'Discover Formentera'
Ferrer also talked to ITB attendees about Descobreix Formentera, a push to attract visitors in May and October (that is, before or after the traditional season) with a chock-a-block slate of fitness and cultural programming. She reckoned German tourism is “part of Formentera's lifeblood”, reasoning that travellers from the country “tend not only to be keen on the outdoors and environmentally conscious, but also favour extended periods of family travel outside the high season”.

Formentera shares its promotional space at ITB with the other Balearic islands. An island rep is on hand at the stand to talk about Formentera's main draws and play up features like the local network of nature trails (rutes verdes) and opportunities for outdoor family activities, such as guided bird-watching circuits.

Other expos
Friday March 8 marks the start of Saló Mahana in Lyon (France), where Formentera will share a stand with Menorca's tourism office. Ferrer said recent efforts to expand promotional efforts in France are a reflection of how travellers from the country have become a priority.

This week Formentera is also taking part in its first Expo Sports Outdoor in Barcelona, part of efforts to promote off-season fitness events on the island.

Formentera Council
Àrea de Comunicació
March 6, 2019

Formentera outlines changes in tourism by-laws

foto-jornada-informativa-turis1The Formentera Council's land and tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer appeared in the Sala de Cultura today at 11.00am to lead an info session on the system for regulating the rental of vacation accommodation. Ferrer was joined by David Francés from the administration's legal department in outlining recent changes in Formentera's tourism by-laws for a crowd of roughly 250.

Ferrer spoke about modifications in the island's land directive that affect zoning and a cap on occupancy for holiday rentals. She also went over other changes—to the so-called “Plan for Quality in Vacation Rentals”, the by-law regulating the per-bed cost of permits to rent accommodation, the tax by-law underpinning a levy for administrative services in tourism, and Regulation 1/2015 on vacation rentals.

The representatives also reviewed deadlines for the different regulations so those interested can begin preparing the documentation that will be required. At the end of the event Ferrer opened the floor to questions. Questions? Contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Info session on changes for holiday rentals

jornada-regulacio---turi--stic1The Formentera Council's office of tourism reports that on Wednesday February 20 at 11.00am the Sala de Cultura will be the scene of a gathering to inform islanders about the effort to regulate for-profit holiday rentals. Tourism and land councillor Alejandra Ferrer and David Francés, the administration's legal counsel on land-use for tourism, will lead an overview of recent changes to the local system of regulation.

The gathering will be an occasion for islanders to learn about the so-called “Plan for Quality in Vacation Rentals” which involves setting guidelines for single- and multi-family homes. Twenty-six of the preconditions are non-negotiable; other criteria, of which there are 20, would be applied distinctly, and only 14 would be required for a dwelling to be eligible for rental.

Discussion will also focus on changes to the tax bylaw underpinning a levy for administrative services in tourism as well as the bylaw regulating the per-bed cost of permits to rent out accommodation.

The effort to regulate holiday rentals, part of a recent Govern-backed tweak of tourism legislation, will also be addressed. Application deadlines will be communicated as well so that islanders can start preparing required documentation.

Other points of discussion: the zoning plan for tourism that followed final approval of Formentera's land-use strategy (PTI) and the new cap on holiday rentals. Islanders will also be given the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. The gathering is open to anyone interested in finding out more about the changes.

Formentera at BIT—Milanese tourists' destination for fitness, culture, nature and gastronomy

formentera-a-mila-- premsa1The Formentera Council tourism office reports that Sunday to Tuesday (February 10-12) is Milan's BIT, an international travel expo, where Formentera will be promoted, according to department head Alejandra Ferrer, as a “destination for travelers interested in fitness, culture, nature and gastronomy and one with an identity all its own”.

The councillor said BIT—like Madrid's FITUR—“is a chance to spotlight the island's 2019 calendar of sporting events, not to mention the nature, scenery, culture and gastronomy that can sweeten the deal for visitors”. The events programme, said Ferrer, makes it possible to enjoy Formentera 365 days a year.

Ferrer, who traced the idea of Formentera having a dedicated stand at BIT to the fact that Italians are among the island's leading visitors, insisted  promotion would focus on the island's off-season charm. Standouts on the promotional catalog are fitness fixtures like the half-marathon (Mitja Marató), Formentera All Round Trail, Formentera to Run, Marnaton, a mountain bike circuit around the island and the Triatló, while cultural events include (but are not limited to) Formentera Film, Formentera 2.0 and Formentera Jazz Festival.

The events calendar is a sign of Formentera's success positioning itself as a destination for fitness and culture. The councillor pointed out that “meets and gatherings are always organised around a respect for the environment and sustainable use of natural resources”.

Discover Formentera
Another feature of promotional efforts will be the discounts and bonuses offered by local businesses as part of “Discover Formentera” in May and October. “Gastronomic weekends”, in particular, is a heavy hitter.

Newness doesn't stop there. Local reps will also talk about the island's new tourism website formentera.es and links to HD cameras across the island; a book of traditional recipes called “Sabores de Formentera”; a brochure for birdwatchers and another edition of the island's “cultural nature trails”.

Formentera spotlights gastronomy at 'Madrid Fusión'

foto-madrid-fusio--n1The Formentera Council's tourism department is currently manning its own stand at “Madrid Fusión”, a gastronomy expo that will run through Wednesday in Madrid. Department chief Alejandra Ferrer and Carlos Bernús, the head of tourism promotions, are there with chefs from six Formentera restaurants as well as two producers —one of oil and one specialised in wines— to showcase the best Formentera has to offer in terms of gastronomy.

Every day of the three-day event will see two new restaurants conducting a “showcooking” session, which Ferrer promised would include “local products being used to reinterpret traditional cuisine”. The wine cellar and oil producer are standing ready with samples of their Made-on-Formentera products. The event, said Ferrer, is focused on gastronomy, and “enables us to spotlight the identity that sets us apart from other emerging destinations, helping to keep us competitive”.

Book of traditional recipes
Formentera's stand at the expo will be the place to go for tourism-tuned info. Among the run of new material the island's reps will have on hand is a 2019 edition of “Sabors de Formentera”, a book purporting to offer “traditional recipes from a singular island”. Ferrer thanked Vicent Morna and Artur Portas for giving the team permission to tap into the trademark local recipes of their “Cuina Típica de Formentera” in putting together the new book, which she called “true to our island's culinary tradition”.

Ferrer also gave thanks to the six participating restaurants, Vogamarí, Pinatar, Es Molí de Sal, Casbah, Can Pasqual and Capri, the wine cellar Terramoll and the oil producers at Ca na Platera. This year marks the first that Formentera has a presence at the expo, which is one of the leading gastronomy-related events in Spain.

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