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Formentera unveils array of incentives for islanders who support small businesses in winter

img 1822-1-Consell de Formentera commerce chief Ana Juan was joined today by Josep Mayans and Lydia Álvarez, the president and director of the island’s small- and medium-sized business association, Pimef, along with Caterina Tur from the Eivissa-Formentera chamber of commerce, in rolling out a run of commercial drives to encourage local shoppers to patronise small businesses in the months ahead.

This Friday, 29 November, Formentera and Pimef present ‘Black Friday on Formentera’, as part of the Compra a Casa customer loyalty programme. All day Friday, purchases of €15 or more at participating shops will be automatically entered to win a €50 gift card. The winner will be announced Tuesday, 3 December, and prizes can be picked up at the Pimef offices.

This Christmas, shop local
As the winter holidays draw nearer, Formentera has begun activating 'Al Nadal compra a casa', the latest in a yearly line of initiatives to reward islanders for shopping this Christmas season. Three local shoppers will be rewarded with €50, €100 and €200 Compra a Casa gift cards.

In the words of consellera Juan: “Compra a Casa is Formentera’s way of encouraging islanders to support small business, help inject life into our streets during Christmas time, and see to it residents can enjoy holiday season worthy of its name without leaving the island”.

Pimef chief Josep Mayans highlighted Compra a Casa’s 29-strong roster of participating businesses, and running tally of 2,322 customer loyalty cards since the programme débuted in 2016. Mayans also pointed out the growing heft of islanders’ total purchases, which went from €1.3 million in 2018 to €1.8M in 2019. Compra a Casa is offering more discounts, too, with this year’s running total of €35,967 dwarfing the total of €24,451 handed out last season.

Christmas Shop Window Decoration Contest
To stir the holiday spirit at shops across the island, the Chamber of Commerce and Consell de Formentera are teaming up to host the thirteenth Christmas Shop Window Decoration Contest (Concurs d’Aparadorisme Nadalenc). Registration ends today and 12 businesses have signed up so far. Winners are announced 2 December, with €75 and a commemorative plaque going to the third-place contestant, €150 and a plaque for the runner-up, and €225 and a plaque for the number-one contender.

Fresh winter push
Formentera’s commerce chief pointed out that the Consell and Pimef’s wintertime campaign would extend after the holidays to continue promoting local businesses through the winter months. In January, February and March, every purchase made in participating Compra a Casa businesses during the final week of the month will automatically be entered to win a €50 gift card.

Purchases must be €15 or more. January’s winner will be announced during the first week of February; February’s winner the first week in March; and March’s the first week in April.

25 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Tourism barometre points to high tourist satisfaction, encourages strategic focus on price-quality ratio

foto-reunio---sectorial2Representatives of Formentera’s tourism sector and regular islanders met today in the Formentera Sala de Plens for a once yearly gathering where attendees found out the latest tourism figures and discussed the overall lines of Formentera’s strategy on tourism in the year ahead.

President Alejandra Ferrer presided over the opening and closing parts of the gathering. Local chief of tourism promotion Carlos Bernús reviewed the 2019 data as well as marketing efforts over the course of the year.

Ferrer and Bernús also gave an overview of conclusions from tourist satisfaction surveys administered by the Formentera government. “On the bright side, 96.2% of Formentera’s visitors said they came away satisfied, and 47.3% said they’d likely visit us again. And daily, per-tourist spending is up to €133”, pointed out Ferrer.

She identified stagnant levels of tourist satisfaction as an area in need of improvement, calling for renewed efforts to give visitors “a good value for their money, not just in services, but in facilities, as well”. Ferrer underscored the importance of highlighting the points —“local products, gastronomy, culture, leisure”— that set Formentera apart from other destinations. For tourists, Formentera’s main draws remain its beaches, nature and tranquility.

Launch of data observatory
During the day, personnel of the island’s new data observatory were introduced as well. The new department will be responsible for analysing data and administering surveys to tourists and residents to support drawing strategic lines, improving everyday life for islanders and boosting tourist satisfaction. The president asserted that “this time next year we’ll have increasingly specific data to help us deal with our weaknesses as a destination and as an island”.

22 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera takes pitch to “Emotions Travel Community”

foto-promocio---sevilla1From today to Wednesday 13 November, the office of tourism of the Consell de Formentera will take part in the city of Sevilla’s “Emotions Travel Community” expo. The industry gathering is geared towards tour operators, small-scale travel agencies and other firms whose clientele, as promotions chief Carlos Bernús pointed out from the event, “have substantial purchasing power”.

2019 marks the first year Formentera will participate in this particular trade show, which distinguishes itself from other, more middle-of-the-road equivalents. “The ETC is known for more intimately-scaled encounters”, said Bernús, pointing out that a swell of niche US companies at the event might mean a fingerhold in one of Formentera’s sought-after emerging markets. Others held out by Bernús include India, Switzerland, Brazil and Asia. People in these places don’t know about Formentera yet, Bernús conceded, “but for vast numbers of high-earning travellers in search of new destinations, Formentera could be just the ticket”.

11 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Consell launches fresh sweep of web listings for holiday rentals

foto consell premsaThe tourism office and inspection service of the Consell de Formentera report that from 1 December the administration will begin trawling online listings of vacation rentals to check if they note an ET number (for estada turística, i.e. "tourist stay"), or failing that, the code verifying inclusion on the Responsible Declaration of New Activity (Driat).

Legislation passed 19 July 2012 requires that owners of accommodations rented to holidaymakers "incorporate or post an ET number in rental portals" (article 19.n), or, pursuant to article 23.7 of the same legislation, make permanently public their Driat registration number.

Created as part of Formentera's strategy on tourism-related inspections, the push aims for legislative compliance among businesses and tourists, as well as protection of islanders' right to housing, and certifying the exclusively residential use of dwellings not authorised for rental activity.   

The legislation establishes failure to list an ET or Driat number as a minor offence punishable by fines of up to €4,000. Not obtaining the proper permit for rental activity constitutes a major offence, and the infraction carries fines of €20,000 to €40,000.

13 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Call goes out for participants as Christmas shop window contest turns thirteen

The Consell de Formentera and the Chamber of Commerce of Eivissa-Formentera are teaming up to present the thirteenth Concurs d’Aparadorisme Nadalenc ("Christmas Shop Window Contest") in an effort to get out the Christmas spirit at local businesses this holiday season.

Participants can register from today, 11 November, to 20 November at 1.30pm. The contest is open to Formentera businesses that continue to operate during the Christmas holidays. Original homemade displays are preferred.

Decorations will be reviewed Thursday 28 November and winners will be announced Monday 2 December. First prize comes with a €225 and an honourary plaque, second prize €150 and a plaque, and third prize €75 and plaque.

Signups are being held at the Chamber of Commerce and the Citizen's Information Office (OAC).

The winners in 2018 were Casa Ortega, Llibreria Tur and Parafarmacia Nuria Gomà Roca.

11 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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