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At this Thursday's Talk for Families and Teachers, how to talk with youth about drugs

Thursday 30 March at 5.00pm, in a lecture organised by the Office of Social Welfare of the Consell de Formentera, health psychologist Eva Font will present 'How to talk with youth about drugs' in the Sala de Plens.

The event is open to the public, and childcare will be provided. Interested parties can reserve their place by email (educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat) or phone (971 321 271).

27 March 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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Consell approves €70,000 in renters' assistance

foto 2023iii habitatgeThe Office of Housing of the Consell de Formentera reports that yesterday the Governing Board approved a line of aid for islanders with monthly rent payments of up to €1,200. The assistance will be granted for a maximum of 12 months and calculated for the period extending 1 January to 31 December 2022.

Rafael Ramírez, housing councillor, said that the assistance, the third of its kind this legislature, "will make it easier for Formentera residents to stay in rental housing, and alleviate the negative effects of rising rents on our island". "This help has been tailored and made more flexible to reach as many people as possible", he added.

Up to €2,640
Assistance will not exceed €2,640, or €220 in individual monthly disbursements. The money is for renters and will be granted non-competitively and based on the established figures. Disbursements will be reduced proportionally if total awards exceed the related budget appropriation.

Information at the Housing Office
To facilitate access to this assistance and answer questions, the Consell de Formentera invites islanders to visit the Housing Office (Oficina d'Acompanyament a l'Habitatge) at the Office of Social Welfare (Conselleria de Benestar Social). Appointments may also be scheduled by e-mail at habitatge@conseldeformentera.cat and telephone at 971 32 10 87.

Interested parties have 15 working days from publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) to apply at the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or the Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC). Complete details and terms will also be published on the Consell de Formentera website.

Rental contract and six months of residence
Applicants must be 18 or over, have lived on the island for at least six months, and hold a rental contract for their home, which must be their normal place of residence. No more than one application will be accepted per dwelling.

24 March 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Consell gives space to Island Directorate of State to offer Immigration Office service on Formentera

foto 2023iii estrangeriaToday Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera; Enrique Sánchez Navarrete, insular director of the State Administration on Eivissa and Formentera, and Rafael Ramírez, social welfare councillor, presented the once monthly service that the Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjería) will offer from today on Formentera in a space provided by the Office of Social Welfare. The initiative is part of La Administracion cerca de ti, a project of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities.

According to President Juan, "collaboration between administrations is essential to facilitate digital handling of services. One example is Formentera's Office of Justice, which reduces travel, delivers a more agile and accessible service, and ultimately improves the quality of life of our citizens".

According to Mr Sánchez, "today we have started with the Immigration Office of the Island Directorate of the State, which in one day has served 11 people; for future visits, the intention is to include the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) and, based on the results and available resources, to add other services". Sánchez also underscored efforts currently afoot with the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) to offer DGT services on our island.

Sánchez framed the initiative on Formentera as "part of a national plan to make the administration more accessible and deliver a boost to e-Government". The Island Directorate of the State described the aim as "cementing periodic visits for assorted services, like the National Police offer for national IDs (DNI) and other services".

21 March 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Intercultural hosts evenings of world gastronomy

Formentera Intercultural, a project of the Office of Social Welfare of the Consell de Formentera, will host 'World Cuisine' (Cuines del mon), evenings from 28 to 31 March at IES Marc Ferrer. In the words of Rafael Ramírez, social welfare councillor, "the evenings will be a place where the people of Formentera can meet and exchange knowledge about various gastronomic cultures and learn to prepare assorted traditional fare from around the world".

Workshops will run from 5.00pm to 7.00pm in the high school kitchen. Each workshop costs €10 to attend and participants can sign up at the Office of Social Welfare, Venda des Brolls (next to the Formentera Day Centre), Monday to Friday (20-24 March) from 9.00am to 2.00pm.


Tuesday 28 March
Colombia: Colombian empanadas
With Ruth Manrique Mejía (Milena)

Wednesday 29 March
Romania: meatball soup and, for dessert, papanasis with fresh cream and jelly
With Ionela Tapirjan

Thursday 30 March
China: traditional-style wonton soup, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken
With Songlin Li (Chinatown Restaurant)

Friday 31 March
Morocco: chicken couscous and tagine
With Chaimae Jouik

20 March 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2023iii cuines de mon

Fathers' role in parenting—9 March instalment of Talks for Families and Teachers

The Office of Social Welfare-organised lecture series Talks for Families and Teachers returns at 5.00pm, Thursday 9 March, with "Fathers' Role in Parenting" by Rubén Rodríguez (@papadreando), father, educator and therapist specialised in respectful parenting and fatherhood. Childcare will be provided. Interested parties can reserve their spot by emailing educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat or calling 971 321 271.

3 March 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2023iii rol del pare

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