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Obra Social “la Caixa”, CiF renew commitment to island's elderly

signatura conveni fundacio la caixaJaume Ferrer, the president of the Formentera Council (CiF), and Josep Marí, the director of CaixaBank branch 00187 in Sant Francesc Xavier, sat down today to put their signatures on an agreement to sponsor a senior citizens' programme called Gent Gran at two of the island's centres for the elderly. In so doing, both institutions hope to renew their commitment to active ageing. CiF social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada was also present at the signing.

In particular, the deal stands to impact the local retirees' and pensioners' club and the Sant Ferran social club and seniors' centre. So far this year, the two centres have been the scene of some ten workshops and guided activities, attended by more than 200 seniors. Obra Social “la Caixa” has announced plans to extend a number of its health and IT initiatives to other senior centres.

The Gent Gran programme is Obra Social “la Caixa”'s flagship initiative, its origins stretching back to 1915. For a century, Gent Gran's offshoot projects have, with help from actors like the Formentera Council, evolved to meet the changing needs of the programme's target group.

The new generation of elderly citizens
The aim of Gent Gran is to promote seniors' active participation in their communities and respond to their most up-to-the-minute needs. The programme revolves around health and wellbeing workshops, social engagement, volunteering and IT training.

Formentera celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

lactanciaIn an announcement made today, the Formentera Council Office of Social Welfare released details about two lectures on breastfeeding to be given this week at the Formentera hospital in commemoration of World Breastfeeding Week. One of the talks, scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, 5.00 to 7.00pm in the hospital's conference room, will centre on weaning. The second, slated to take place on Friday, will focus on the effect that childbirth can have on the breastfeeding process.

Not only has the Formentera Council provided money to fund Friday's lecture, but the administration has also put forward 500 euros for the cash prizes that will be awarded to winners of the photo contest on breastfeeding in the Pitiüsa islands. Prizes for that competition, which was organised jointly by Eivissa and Formentera's heath bureau and an association that works to promote breastfeeding in the Balearics, were handed out yesterday at the former Can Misses hospital of Eivissa. Formentera's councillor of social welfare, Vanessa Parellada, was in attendance at the ceremony.

CiF backs contest showcasing photos of breastfeeding mothers

foto abamlactanciaThe Formentera Council (CiF), by way of the administration's Office of Social Welfare, is taking part in a photography contest on nursing mothers in the Pitiüsa islands. The competition, organised jointly by the health department of Eivissa and Formentera and a Balearic Islands-based association that works to promote breastfeeding, will also receive 500 euros from the Formentera Council, for prizes in the open category.

Two goals underpin the competition: first, for mothers to share their stories and experiences nursing a child. Second, to bring images of breastfeeding mothers to the fore, and, through photos, familiarise members of society with the practise of what truly can be considered an art.

Photographs must contain images of nursing. Mothers may appear breastfeeding daughters or sons, in moments of their normal day-to-day life. Submissions will be judged on the nursing technique used, originality, creativity and photo quality.

First prize, best photograph, 250 euros. This photo will feature on the poster promoting 2017's week of mother's milk. The first prize, will be awarded by the Balearic Islands school of nursing. Second prize, prolonged nursing, 200 euros. The second prize will be awarded by the Balearic midwives' association. Third prize, nursing in the Pitiüsa islands, 150 euros. The third prize will be awarded by the Balearic association of community nursing (A.B.I.C.). Open category, 500 euros split into five prizes valued at 100 euros each. Awarded by the Formentera Council.

Deadline on submissions
Photos must be submitted in digital .jpg format, have a resolution of 300ppp each and not be any larger than 5MB. Submissions absolutely must be sent on 20cm x 25cm-sized photo paper. No writing, names, markings or date shall appear on submitted photographs, including the back side of photos. Each participant can submit no more than three photos.

Photos, in digital format, shall be emailed to concursodefotografiadelactanciamaterna@asef.es. Printed versions of the photos must also be submitted, together with the registration form bearing the participant's personal information, to the following address:

Concurs de Fotografia sobre Lactància Materna.
Direcció d'Infermeria de l’Àrea de Salut d'Eivissa i Formentera.
Hospital Can Misses. Edifici J.C / Corona s/n.
07800 Eivissa.

For more information, follow this link to consult conditions of participation and download the registration form: http://www.asef.es/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=332%3Aconcurso-de-fotografia-de-lactancia-2016&catid=6%3Anoticias&Itemid=10&lang=ca

Formentera asks Govern to retool regional employment programme

foto trobada consell eivissaVanessa Parellada, head of the CiF Office of Social Welfare, attended a presentation on generating employment opportunities that was hosted by the Govern Balear's labour minister, Iago Negueruela, today at the Eivissa Council. The event, which was also organised by the director general of the regional employment bureau, Pere Torrens, and Eivissa's labour councillor Viviana de Sans.

The Palma government officials explained the plan stood to create work for some 182 jobless individuals in the Pitiüsa islands via programmes at the town and island council level. Estimates put new jobs created on Formentera at roughly 28, with potential investment on the island reaching 86,000 euros.

The CiF social welfare councillor urged the Govern reps to ensure those plans are in tune with the local situation on Formentera, so that “they benefit unemployed Formentera residents too”. Parellada pointed out that the Formentera labour force is different to those of the other Balearic Islands and asked consideration be given to each island's idiosyncrasies. She suggested that job programmes be scheduled for winter, or that projects that exceed six months be split into two phases “given the seasonal nature of Formentera's job force”.

Under the programme proposed by the Govern there would be three possible employment schemes, one, for unemployed individuals under 29, offering training for positions at local corporations. Another programme proposes separate training and hiring measures for people over 30. Lastly, Visibles is aimed at benefit-strapped residents that are over 45 and have got dependants to their name.

Formentera allies itself with LGTBI community

foto bandera lgbtToday, June 28, World Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Intersex (LGTBI) Pride Day, a  rainbow flag —a symbol of pride for LGTBI movements— was hung from the balcony of the Formentera Council. The flag presented a public symbol of the administration's commitment to those communities. The decision to raise the flag —“a call for respect and visibility for sexual and gender diversity”— came on the back of a joint measure put forward by Gent per Formentera and the socialist party at the CiF plenary session Friday, June 24.

Additionally, Formentera has joined a network of public administrations dubbed Municipis Orgullosos which support LGTBI causes. The push is being fronted by Ben Amics, an Balearic Islands-based association that mobilises around LGTBI issues. The CiF's councillor from the socialist party, Rafael Ramírez, along with social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and vice-president Alejandra Ferrer, were all three present has the flag was raised.

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