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Consell backs Formenterers Solidaris' charitable projects in 2019

foto-signatura-conveni-forment1Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer sat down today with the chair of Formenterers Solidaris, Maria Costa, to sign an agreement between the administration and the local NGO on cooperation projects to support development in developing countries, education and social assistance on the island in 2019.

As part of the deal, the organisation pledges to create and administer cooperation and development projects for developing countries; host lectures, round tables, forums, exhibits and conferences; pay for equipment, material and supplies associated with regular operations; stage food and fundraising drives to collect items to be sent to places in need; administer food packages provided by the Consell de Formentera and support individuals on the island with the most pressing social needs.

The Consell de Formentera pledges €3,000 to meet the costs associated with the actions included in the annual agreement. Social welfare councillor Rafael Ramírez and the organisation's secretary, Teresa Costa, were also present at the signing, which took place 1 August in Consell offices.

2 August 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Consell officials meet with cooperation fund reps

reunio---fina-darder1President Alejandra Ferrer and the councillor of social welfare, Rafael Ramírez, met yesterday with Fina Darder, the coordinator of the Fons Pitiús de Cooperació. The meeting marked administration officials' first with representatives of the fund for cooperation so far this legislative term, and according to President Ferrer, it came with an agreement “to continue working in partnership to develop cooperation projects and support for the underprivileged”.

The Consell de Formentera is a member of the fons (fund)—a non-profit that drives cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in addition to efforts to educate and train residents of the two Pityusic islands. Councillor Ramírez and Darder made plans for a subsequent gathering to continue working on some of the day-to-day issues facing the lifeguard and rescue service.

23 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Meeting with union representatives

reunio-ugt-consell premsav21Two Consell de Formentera councillors—Rafael Ramírez of the Management department and Paula Ferrer of human resources—met today with the chief officer for public sector employment of the General Union of Workers (UGT) in the Balearics. The day's encounter marked the first of its kind between Consell and a UGT official, and served to lay the groundwork for joint efforts ahead. Councillor Ferrer and Miguel Ángel Romero spoke with union delegates afterwards, where they agreed to hold periodic talks to address the range of everyday issues facing workers.

Councillor Ferrer hailed Romero's visit, and applauded the UGT for “130 years of fighting for workers' rights”. The Consell's human resources chief pledged, for her part, to “work with unions to make sure that the public administration works as it should”.

22 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera adds voice to awareness push to stop sexual violence

foto-material no-i-punt-1The Social Welfare and Equality departments of the Consell de Formentera have added their names to “No i punt”. With a title translating roughly as “No means no”, the campaign is part of a joint effort by the Palma and Mallorca administrations to assure safety from sexual assault on nights out.

“Our priority to promote egalitarian and safe leisure spaces for everyone”, said equality councillor Vanessa Parellada, “spaces that are free from sexist violence and sexual or homophobic violence”. “Sexual assault must be taken seriously”, said Parellada. “The idea is that, through education and awareness, we can either prevent sexual assault outright, or catch it in time and stop it”.

Islanders can stop by a booth in la Savina this afternoon and evening (16 July) to pick up information about the ongoing festes del Carme holiday. A stand will be mounted on Saturday (20 July), too, ahead of Sant Francesc's “flower power” party: la Festa Flower.

Visitors can get information about sexual assault prevention and response as well as better practices, not to mention take an “anti-assault” test and check out “No i punt” stickers, bracelets and a banner. Volunteers will be on hand to field questions.


For the third year, the social welfare and youth offices of the Consell de Formentera are partnering in support of the “Balearic Islands' Strategy on Addictions and Drug Dependency” (PADIB) to launch the third annual #nosiguisase ("don't be dumb") outreach campaign.

Social welfare councillor Rafael Ramírez said the drive was “designed to urge sensible drinking, especially among youth, at our festival days in the Balearics, and build awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse”.

Staff from a project of the NGO Bienestar y Desarrollo called Energy Control will be manning the stand on 20 July and handing out material like rucksacks, buttons, educational postcards, posters and water bottles with educational straps.

The Consell de Formentera will use banners to share information about the campaign on the administration's website.

16 July 2019
Communication department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera unveils 'Proud to fight for equality' theme of LGTBI events programme

presentacio---lgtbi-20191Formentera Council president Alejandra Ferrer, equality and LGTBI councillor Vanessa Parellada, and department specialist Azuzena Carrasco gathered today in press conference to spotlight the bill of activities to celebrate World Pride Day. This year's LGTBIQ+ event will be celebrated 28 June under the banner “Proud to fight for equality”.

From Wednesday 26 June to Tuesday 2 July, the administration has lined up a series of cultural activities which are aimed, explained President Ferrer, at “defending everyone's right to diversity, here, and all over the world”.

Senior staff member Carrasco gave an overview of the what's on the programme. At 8.30pm on Wednesday 26 June, a film forum at Centre Gabrielet around 80 egunean (80 days), a Basque romance by José Marí Goenag and Jon Garaño about homosexual love later in life. Kathrine Wenham will present and moderate.

On Thursday 27 June, a look at Mots i Brases, a collection of poetry by Nora Albert. The Obra Cultural Balear-sponsored event will be moderated by Maria Teresa Ferrer from 8.00pm at Centre Gabrielet.

At 8.00pm on Friday 28 June, Pride Day, a talk colloquium about LGTBI representation in culture will be held at Centre Gabrielet. The gathering will feature the participation of Nora Albert, Alejandra Melero and Michel Garcia Cruz. Emeritus professor of Catalan language and literature, Albert is also a translator, award-winning poetess and literary critic. Melero is a playwright, essayist and professor of Spanish cinema. His academic work has centred on the links between film and homosexuality. Garcia, an anthologist, worked on and compiled Mañana hablarán de nosotros, an anthology of Cuban storytelling dealing with LGTBI-related issues. Espai Frumentària's Miquel Costa will present and moderate.

Rounding out the calendar is the opening session of Cinema a la fresca. The outdoor film series kicks off at 10.00pm, Tuesday 2 July 2019, with a screening of Duncan Tucker's Transamèrica, a drama about transsexuality.

Councillor Vanessa Parellada said that with this year's culture-heavy activities programme organisers were gunning to see more islanders than ever getting involved. She trumpeted the now three-year-old tradition of starting off Cinema a la fresca with a LGTBI film as proof “that diversity's in good shape here on the island”. “Unfortunately there's still work to be done to make sure each person has the right to diversity—of gender, of sexual orientation and of self. So expect the fight for equality to continue”, she said.

The three women seized the opportunity to applaud the involvement of local groups in Pride Day. Formentera's chapter of OCB, Espai Frumentària, Eivissa-based sa Clau de s'Armari and additional collaborators all helped make the activities programme a reality.

19 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

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