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Islanders can now obtain ID locally

foto DNI 1The Formentera Council announces there is now a place on the island where residents can renew or make a first request for a national ID card, or DNI, meaning islanders are no longer required to travel to Eivissa to handle the procedure.

Formenterers who wish to process DNI requests must visit the Casal d'Entitats next to the department of social welfare (conselleria de Benestar Social). An appointment must be made prior to such a visit, either by visiting the local police department in person, telephoning 971 32 22 01, or on the web at www.citapreviadni.es.

In second 'strategy for children and young people', Formentera lays out 48-point plan to promote participation and wellness

foto-ies-marc-ferrer1The Formentera Council's social welfare department and bureau of child and youth services has drafted its second “strategic plan” for children and youth. The product not only of collaboration between various Council offices but also participation from youth, local associations and island groups that work with youngsters, the strategy will be put to a vote at the Formentera Council's September plenary assembly.

Social welfare secretary Vanessa Parellada sees the new plan as “a tool to guide us in planning for children and young people” and says it creates “fixed terms of participation”. Parellada also highlighted Formentera's commitment to “defending and recognising the rights of the child as well as human rights” and described the administration's mission as “giving young people everything they need to become wholly developed human beings”.

The strategy stems from the findings of a school board-commissioned study by Fundació Pere Tarrés and identifies eight action areas (Relationships, values and coexisting on Formentera; Education; Transition to employment; Housing; Participation; Fitness, leisure and culture; Health and Mobility) as well as 48 specific proposals to be developed.

In its wider bid to guarantee the promotion and protection of the rights of Formentera's children, the Council hopes to consolidate and define the terms of local youth policies in tune with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The CRC's foundational premise is to treat children and teens not as objects in need of protection, but as rights-holding agents in their own destiny.


The development phase will extend from 2018 to 2022 and one-, two-, three- and four-year action deadlines will be assigned for individual proposals.

The plan's engineers envision yearly reviews as a source of assessment and reflection in order for specific proposals to be carried forward or modified as needed.

The Formentera Council salutes the participation of wide cross-sections of the local community and the engagement of each actor involved. In Parellada's words, “we all feel like this thing is our baby”.

Formentera Council and socially-conscious arm of CaixaBank affirm commitment to elderly

foto conveni Gent GranFormentera Council chief Jaume Ferrer sat down today with the director of the Sant Francesc branch of CaixaBank to sign a deal that reaffirmed the two groups' promotion of active ageing and formalised plans to develop a programme in support of the elderly at three local senior centres.

The deal involves Formentera's retirees and pensioners club (Club de Jubilats i Pensionistes) and social centres for the aged in Sant Ferran and La Mola. Under the previous agreement, the centres hosted twenty activities and workshops which reported a total combined attendance of 140 senior citizens.

The new generation of seniors
Gent Gran is a senior-positive programme of Obra Social ”la Caixa” that dates back to 1915. For more than a century, the programme's engineers have teamed up with entities like the Formentera Council so that associated projects continue to reflect the changing needs of the elderly.

Gent Gran is about fomenting the active participation of seniors in our society and evolving to adapt to their needs today. The programme includes workshops in support of health and wellness, community participation and volunteer initiatives, and computer training.

Regional job seekers bureau on lookout for qualified youth

foto soib joveThis week marks the last that applications will be accepted by young aspirants of a work practice programme, SOIB Jove Qualificats, that provides local administrations and associated groups a means to source their employment needs. Applicants must be:

1. Aged 18 to 29
2. Registered as a job seeker with the SOIB
3. Registered on the national youth safety net (Garantía Juvenil)
4. A graduate of a university or other higher education programme
5. Able to accept an offer of work practice for the educational track in question
6. Without previous work practice experience in the field in question

Twelve-month periods of work practice at a local entity towards employment in an applicant's chosen profession will begin during the first half of November.

Candidates must register as job seekers and adherents to Garantía Juvenil before Friday September 14 at the SOIB. Phone the SOIB (012) or visit their website (http://soib.fundaciobit.org/citasoib/reservar-cita;lang=ca) to request an appointment.

Both steps can be processed at the same appointment. Candidates should come with the educational credentials for the field in which they intend to seek work experience.

Once work practice offers have been issued, in addition to being made available to young SOIB-registered aspirants who qualify, they will also be advertised on www.soib.es with all the related information about how to apply.

Care recipients at island's day centre lend hand preparing for Que Celeste festival

foto-cdd-que-celeste-3Islanders at Formentera's dependent care facility, or centre de dia, are teaming up this week with members of environmental group Que Celeste to repurpose some of the found objects that surfaced during the group's coastal cleanups at ses Illetes, es Carnatge and es Ram.

The idea is to give a new, decorative use to various objects through a kind of “artistic recycling” aimed at fostering creativity and personal autonomy among individuals at the day centre.

Participants are rebranding discarded plastic bottles as jellyfish which will function as decorative lights at the upcoming Que Celeste festival. Organisers of the festival, which is scheduled to take over Sant Ferran's church-front plaza September 21 and 22, say the event is about educating islanders and tourists about the importance of preserving and caring for the environment.

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