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From Monday, pre-registration and enrolment at Escola de Música i Dansa

From Monday, pre-registration and enrolment at School of Music and Dance of Formentera

The Office of Education of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that registration for returning students and pre-registration for prospective students of the School of Music and Dance of Formentera (Escola de Música i Dansa de Formentera, EMDF) will run from Monday 29 May to Sunday 4 June. Applications for the 2023-2024 school year can be submitted online via the Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC) or in person at the Citizen Information Office (OAC).

In September the EMDF will contact new applicants at the telephone number provided on their pre-registration form to formalise enrolment or schedule entrance exams.

To ask questions or obtain more information, interested parties can send an email to escolamusica@conselldeformentera.cat, visit escolamusica.conselldeformentera.cat or contact 627 642 093 via WhatsApp.

Alejandra Ferrer, vice-president and culture/education councillor, encouraged islanders to take advantage of an educational and leisure offer in dance and music tuned to children and adults alike.

The following studies are offered:

- Music (accredited; 8 and up)
Instruments: flute, guitar, piano, trumpet and clarinet.

- Music (non-accredited; 8 and up)
Instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba.

- Traditional music workshop (4 and up)
Local folk instruments: drum, castanets and flute.
Four levels: Initiation I and II, and Continuation I and II.

- Initiation to music (5 to 8)
Studentse discover instruments and musical language through songs and games.

- Professional-track self-study
Based on student needs (students must submit proof of completion of elementary-level course from an accredited Spanish school or conservatory).

- Percussion Workshop
Students discover rhythms and a host of percussion instruments.

- Formentera Polyphonic Choir
Free activity for anyone with an interest in musical. No previous knowledge of music is required.

- Music Band
Primarily wind instruments. Course consists of one weekly group lesson by instrument, one weekly lesson of targeted music theory (unless coursework has been completed previously) and a one-hour band rehearsal.

- Dance (accredited; 8 and up)
Four-year elementary dance programmes centred on one of three areas:
Classical dance
Spanish dance
Music applied to dance

- Dance (non-accredited)
Modern dance (all ages)
Initiation to dance (3 to 7)
Flamenco workshop (adults)
Ballet workshop (adults)

Courses can be modified based on demand.

26 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2023v escola musica

Formentera unlocks €95,500 in aid for students and schools

The Office of Education of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that it is now accepting applications for textbook assistance, higher education grants, and compensation for double and triple insularity in 2022/2023. From today, Monday 22 May, to 30 June, students and schools can submit applications to the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC). For more information, please contact educacio@conselldeformentera.cat.

Alejandra Ferrer, vice president and education councillor, explained that "for years the Consell de Formentera has been granting this aid to address inequalities and disparities between students from Formentera and those from elsewhere in the Balearic Islands and Spain". The aid is designed to offset the insularity which Formentera students face in pursuing higher education off the island and help local schools and families in need buy books and materials that are essential for learning.

Insularity compensation for students studying off Formentera
The €38,000 allocated to these grants is divided as follows:

· Grants for students studying on Eivissa and at distance learning universities (€150).
· Aid for students who study outside the Pine Islands (€500).
· Aid for students who study elementary or professional music or dance off the island, provided such studies are not available on Formentera (€100).

€45,000 for participants in the used textbook and educational material and/or digitalisation programme
The aid will be divided as follows:

· Financial aid for Formentera primary and secondary schools in the programmes to reuse textbooks and teaching materials and/or promote digitalisation (€50 for pupils in primary school and €70 for pupils in secondary school).
· Assistance covering 100% of fees for primary school children in large and single-parent families who receive use textbooks.
· Digitalisation programme: €200 toward computer equipment for secondary pupils in large and single-parent families.

€12,500 in higher education grants
Ten grants of €1,250 will be awarded:

· Students' core focus must be an official degree valid throughout Spain. Studies must be performed on-site at schools that are officially recognised by the educational administration and lead to an academically- or professionally-valid official degree.

22 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2023v beques ajuts

Week of open doors at School of Music and Dance of Formentera

From Monday to Friday next week (22--26 May), the School of Music and Dance of Formentera will open its doors to children and adults who wish to attend and participate directly in the classes.

As Alejandra Ferrer, education councillor, explained, "with this proposal we intend to open the School of Music and Dance to the public so that they can discover the dance and music offer first hand and decide if they want to enrol". The enrolment process will begin in June.

Activities and hours
Classical dance: Tuesday 23 May at 4.30pm in the Cinema.
Danza española: Thursday 25 May at 5.00 in the Cinema.
Initiation to dance: Wednesday 24 May at 4.30pm in the Cinema.
Modern dance: Wednesday 24 May at 6.00pm in the Cinema

Piano: Tuesday 23 May at 6.00pm in Aula 6.
Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba):  Wednesday 24 May at 5.00pm in Aula 7.
Traditional music: Monday 22 May at 6.00 in the Aula de Música Tradicional.
Guitar: Thursday 25 May at 5.00pm in Aula 3.
Flute: Monday 22 May at 6.00pm in Aula 2.
Clarinet: Tuesday 23 May at 5.00pm in Aula 7.

Reservations are not required to attend.

17 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2023v portes obertes

Monday 1 May, Formentera hosts presentation of work on local place names as part of 49th Onomastics Society Colloquium

The Language Advisory Service of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that the 49th Onomastics Society Colloquium will take place Monday 1 May, with a presentation from authors Vicent Ferrer i Mayans and Enric Ribes i Marí of their book "La toponímia de Formentera".

The day kicks off at 9.00am in the Sala de Plens with a presentation by Ángel Custodio Navarro on legislating language and safeguarding place names, or "toponyms". At 9.20am Mar Batlle will discuss Formentera's toponyms in the DECat and Vicent Ferrer i Mayans, proposals to disseminate and reincorporate them. At 10.00am Enric Ribes will frame local place names as indicators to diachronically study the local variant of Catalan ("Eivissenc") and Marc Roses will speak about tech solutions for efforts to catalogue toponyms. At 11.20am Antoni Ferrer Abárzuza will unpack the toponyms borne of a 17th- to 18th-century settlement in La Mola, and Jesús Bernat Agut will discuss place names along the coast between Almenara and Alcanar. Then, Josep Miquel Ribés and Andreu Beltrán will pick apart names for geographic features at sea used by seafarers from Grau de Castelló de la Plana.

At 12 noon authors Vicent Ferrer i Mayans and Enric Ribes i Marí will give a presentation of their book "La toponímia de Formentera". The Onomastics Society co-published the book, a compendium of local place names, with collaboration from the Onomastics Office of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. It offers nearly nine hundred pages of toponyms and microtoponyms of the island previously found in scattered and, in some cases, unpublished collections. Published by the Consell de Formentera, the work also features a map allowing readers to travel name by name across Formentera's interior and coast.

Presentations last twenty minutes and are open to the public.

27 April 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

El pròxim curs escolar el CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu i el CEIP el Pilar de la Mola disposaran de servei de menjador

La presidenta del Consell de Formentera, Ana Juan, i la vicepresidenta i consellera d'Educació, Alejandra Ferrer, s'han reunit avui de manera telemàtica amb la delegada d'Educació del Govern balear d'Eivissa i Formentera, Margalida Ferrer, i responsables de l'Ibisec (Institut Balear d'Infraestructures i Serveis Educatius) per tractar la posada en funcionament del servei de menjador al CEIP El Pilar i el CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu.

La presidenta del Consell, Ana Juan, ha destacat "la bona coordinació entre el Consell i la Conselleria d'Educació del Govern balear per avançar en la conciliació de la vida laboral i familiar a Formentera", després d'estrenar aquest curs escolar el menjador de Sant Ferran, un servei "que el curs vinent podrem fer extensiu als centres de Sant Francesc i la Mola".

Per la seua part, Alejandra Ferrer, ha agraït "la paciència i col·laboració dels centres educatius i les apimas durant aquest curs" i ha mostrat la seua satisfacció perquè "per fi el servei pugui arribar a aquests centres, i així millorar la situació de moltes famílies de l'illa que ho necessitin".

Conveni amb el Consell
La consellera ha recordat que el Consell va signar un conveni amb la Conselleria d'Educació i Formació Professional per fer-se càrrec de la gestió del servei escolar de menjador al CEIP Sant Ferran de ses Roques, que ara actuarà com a cuina centralitzada des d'on es traslladaran els menús als altres centres.

Segons han informat a la trobada, durant aquest estiu l'Ibisec realitzarà obres d'adequació al gimnàs de l'edifici de Migjorn del CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu perquè es pugui fer servir com a menjador.

Al CEIP El Pilar el servei de menjador es començarà a oferir de manera temporal a la Casa del Poble de la Mola, en aquest cas el Consell de Formentera es farà càrrec de l'adequació d'aquest espai fins que el Govern balear faci les obres de millora i ampliació a l'escola de la Mola, amb les quals es crearà un menjador dins del mateix recinte.

27 d'abril de 2023
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

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